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And Sow It Begins

February 8th, 2016

This past weekend I seeded my first two flats of lettuce and radicchio. I like to have a flat of seedlings ready to be planted into a low tunnel when the weather starts to warm up. For me, it’s well worth the few minutes it takes to complete this chore in early February in order to be harvesting loads of salad greens by mid/late March.
soil blocks
Cat on seedlings tra
Littles decided that the flats needed a little warmth and has decided it’s her new favorite top. Thank goodness for these heavy duty Perma-Nest trays!!!

What’s the first vegetable you seed for your garden?

First Seeds of 2016

February 3rd, 2016

Yesterday I planted my first garden seeds for this year. What were they? Artichokes.
seeding artichokes 1
seeding artichokes 2
At 180-240 days these babies take a LONG time to reach maturity. I’ve also read that they appreciate a bit of a cold snap early on to make them think they’ve gone through a winter.
seeding artichokes 3
Will I be able to harvest artichokes to eat? I guess we’ll find out this fall. If Eliot Coleman can grow them here in Maine, I think I can as well.

What fund edible are you going to try this year for the first time?


February 2nd, 2016

Usually I have my seed order all figured out by now and the seeds have arrived and have been categorized and organized. Not.this.year.
seed list 2
I’ve looked through a few catalogs and sorted through my seeds, but I haven’t made a final list of things I want. I feel like I’m behind, but I’m not, I’m just usually ahead of the game. This year my goal is to only buy the essentials, I have lots of seeds in my stash that should be used up. The good thing is that I’ll save a few dollars and I should save space in the garden. There is a habit around here of having more seedlings than garden space, I bet none of you ever have that problem. Today, I will be ordering my seeds. Then the gardening season has begun.

Have you ordered your seeds yet this year?

Tiny Cherry Trees

February 1st, 2016

Those cherry pits I stratified in the fridge are growing nicely under the grow lights. Most of them germinated, of those about 50% have turned into little trees. There have been a few that have struggled and then wilted under the grow lights. Right now there are 15 or so little trees that seem to be doing well.
tiny cherry trees
No doubt there will be a few more that will perish throughout the coming months and perhaps years, but it looks like I’ll at least have a few nice little trees for the garden. I’ll definitely be doing this again. Next winter I’m going to try stratifying various stone fruits in a row of the main garden. I’d like to see if/how that will work.

What is your favorite stone fruit tree?

On The Go Projects

January 27th, 2016

I like to maximize my time, so you’ll often find me with a few books in my bag and crochet projects with me while I’m out and about. Some of these things don’t lend themselves to shorter periods of found time, a minute here or five minutes there. I thought English paper piecing hexagons might fit the bill and they do!
Yesterday found me at the car dealership waiting to get a few things tuned up on the MINI. So I whipped out my hexi jar (a wide mouth mason jar) and managed to knock out 20 hexies while I waited.
hexies finished
As I worked, I thought about how I could make a project container that would neatly organize all items needed to make these little beauties. I also need to get a tiny pair of scissors to add to my kit. These are a fantastic way to make us of tiny scraps of fabric and tiny scraps of time, a win/win in my book.

What new hobbies have you discovered recently?

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