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March 3rd, 2015

Yesterday there was a distinctly different feeling in the air when I went out. I think perhaps it was moisture, it was finally warm enough to feel moisture in the air. Even though it was only 15 degrees and we woke up to a few inches of fresh snow on the ground, there was something different in the air.
metal chickens
Probably later this week I will put a tap in one of the maple trees that I can watch from the house. It isn’t quite warm enough for sugaring season but it won’t be too much longer.

Have you noticed a change in the season recently? Do you feel like spring will arrive in your garden soon?


February 17th, 2015

Winter is a valuable time in the garden if we take the time to observe. We can see how the wind moves, where snow drifts and where the ground is blown completely bare. We can see where the snow melts first and what areas are soggy when it does.
snow drifts 1
snow drifts 2
I spend a good amount of time watching the garden this time of year. What I find most important are the snow drifts. I’m figuring out where I shouldn’t plant really tender plants and where I can. I’m figuring out where I should plant windbreaks and where I should plant tough shrubs to act as drift fences. I now know which spots thaws fist in spring and would be a fantastic spring woodland garden filled with early snowdrops, hellebores and other spring beauties. I also know where I shouldn’t plant hydrangeas.
snow drifts 3
It’s very true what they say about spending a few years observing a garden before you begin to plant and make big changes. It’s especially important to watch through a few winters to see what they bring. The longer I garden the more patient I become and the more I value time spent in observing the space around me.

Do you take the time to observe your garden in winter? Does what you see affect where/how you plant?

Friday Favorite: Icicles

February 6th, 2015

I’ve always loved icicles, they’re such wondrous things in winter. I love the way they catch the sun and how they drip and grow long on sunny days. Yesterday I wanted these icicles outside of our living room window grow from about a foot long to four feet long.
icicles 1
icicles 2
We never had a ton of icicles on our home in Ohio, it was newer and well insulated. I’ll enjoy them while I can.

What’s your favorite winter wonder?

Here it Comes….

January 27th, 2015

No doubt you’ve heard on the news about the impending blizzard. One of the great things about living simply and maintaining a pantry is that you are always prepared for big weather events like this one. I keep a stockpile of grain for the birds, freezers full of meat for us along with the dogs and cats. There’s also a pantry full of dry goods to keep us fed.
I spent the day yesterday battening down the hatches around here. A large load of grain was purchased and moved to the back porch, shavings for coop bedding is also stockpiled in case the birds have to stay cooped up for a while. Water jugs are filled in preparation for possibly losing power. Here’s hoping we are prepared and don’t need it – keep your fingers crossed with us! Stay tuned for photos, or if you don’t hear from me, we’re out of power and/or internet.

Are you forecasted to get any crazy weather from this big storm?

The Snow Can Fly

December 11th, 2014

We’ve already had two big snowstorms this year. One dumped 16-18 inches, the other dumped 12-14 inches. We were totally unprepared for the first one and didn’t even realize there was going to be that much snow. That was way back on November 2nd. The second snowstorm hit on Thanksgiving morning and delayed our travel to Ohio until the afternoon. Unfortunately for both of these storms our plow truck was out of commission.
plow truck 1
The poor thing was in the shop getting a new fuel system and getting the carb rebuilt. With a truck as old as this one, finding parts can be a challenge. Luckily we have a great mechanic that likes a challenge.
plow truck 2
Earlier this week, we finally picked up the old red truck and it’s running like a top. Hopefully the plow will go on this weekend and we’ll actually be ready for our next snowstorm. We’re also hoping to get some snow this weekend because we want to feature this fabulous vehicle on our Christmas cards.

Have you had any weather recently that you’ve been totally unprepared for?

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