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AH…..The Sun

April 14th, 2014

I’m soaking it up, I love the sun this time of year, it’s not quite as hot as it is in the heat of the summer.
Soaking up the Sun
I try to spend some time outside every day to soak up some vitamin D.

How’s the sun in your garden, is it still nice or is it starting to get hot?

Quote of the Day: Galileo Galilei

April 13th, 2014

“I’ve loved the stars to fondly to be fearful of the night”

- Galileo Galilei

moon 1 (1)
moon 2 (1)
moon 1
I love the night stars and the moon as well. There’s nothing better than sitting out on a clear night watching the sky.

Do you enjoy stargazing?

And So It Begins Again…

April 12th, 2014

What? Weeding of course…
weeding 1
weeding 2
My biggest opponent is quack or couch grass. It’s a tenacious foe, but I will come out on top! Last year I battled valiantly and it receded, this year will be the same. Perhaps by next year I will have it eradicated from the potager behind the house and most of the big garden behind the garage.

What’s your most tenacious weed?

Friday Favorite: Vintage Garden Tools

April 11th, 2014

I’m a huge fan of old tools, they’re just so much better than newer ones. You can still buy good quality garden tools but they’re pricy. The ones you get at the local home improvement store are generally not that great. I buy garden tools when I see them in good condition at yard sale and antique store.
vintage tools 1
I’m amassing quite a collection. I have purchased a few new tools, when I need a specific tool and don’t haven’t found a good vintage one.  You can certainly spot the new tool in the group above!
vintage tools 2
potager walkway 2
One thing I love about vintage tools is the old wood handles. These handles are made of wonderful hardwood, they don’t bend and they rarely break and they do it while being beautiful and quite comfortable to use.  I also love that old garden tool handles are not the same width all the way down, this makes them super comfortable to use.  You can tell they were made for people who used their garden tools a lot!
vintage tools 3
Earlier this week I spent some time sanding down all the handles to my tools and giving them a protective coating of wax that I make up (recipe to come next week). Many gardeners do this in the fall, I prefer to do it in the spring. I know the hour or so this takes will protect these tools and make them last for another generation.
vintage tools 1 (1)
vintage tools 2 (1)
When the weather warms up I scrub them with steel wool and give the metal parts a protective coating of organic boiled linseed oil (the real stuff, no cheap stuff with petroleum additives).
vintage tools 4
The best part of vintage tools is the price. Generally, I spend between $3-$8 for each one. You certainly can’t beat that price. I also love knowing that these tools work on when they come to my home. They are doing what they were made to be doing and what the gardener before me did with them. I think perhaps they bring a little bit of the previous gardeners spirit to my garden as well!

Do you have any vintage garden tools?

Planting Onion Sets

April 10th, 2014

Last summer I harvested all my onions and set aside the super small ones to use as onion sets this year. I prefer growing onions from seed, but figured I’d rather plant these than spend the time trying to cut them up. I planted them shoulder to shoulder and plan on harvesting many of them as green onions. I will leave some to see if they bulb up or if they try to set seed. Some of these onions were from seed that I sowed very closely just to produce small onion sets.
planting onions
I love green onions and really like how set planted onions produce green onions really quickly. I have some in a planter in a sunny window that are almost big enough to start harvesting. Next year I hope to grow them all winter long so I can enjoy freely chopped onions with my breakfast regularly!

Do you like green onions?

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