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Kristi’s Spunk African Violet

March 18th, 2019

As I expected, the ‘Kristi’s Spunk’ African violet is a stunner. The bloom opened fully this weekend and I’ve been admiring it. I wish the photos could capture the irridecense, the bloom sparkles in the sun.

I’m not sure how prolifically this one will bloom. I have some African violets that blooms for a year, others that only bloom for a month. This one doens’t have any more buds that I can see, so I’ll deadhead, then start watering it with a half strength liquid seaweed to promote future blooms. I don’t know a whole lot about African violets, but I’m planning on doing some reading and research to figure out excatly what they love and what they need to thrive. Stay tuned, I’ll share any valuable information I find here on the blog.

Do you keep African violets as houseplants?

New Houseplant

March 13th, 2019

A few weeks ago I spotted a lovely African violet at the store and decided to get it. The fading bloom was lovely, even though it was way past prime. There was an up and coming bud, so I knew I’d get to see at least one more bloom, even though I only had a glimpse of what it would look like.  I brought it home, repotted it, deadheaded it, and gave it a good dose of a diluted liquid seaweed. Fast foward a few weeks and the new bud is opening up…

This variety is called ‘Kristi’s Spunk’. The leaves are also colorful, especially when seen from underneath. Overall, it’s going to be a lovely specimen I think.

Are you an African Violet fan? Any good tips you’ve discovered for tending them?

Still Going Strong

February 7th, 2018

I always have an African violet by my sink. It’s something my grandmother always did and something I started doing four years ago when I purchased my first one. When my mom got too sick to take care of her houseplants, she gave me all of her African violets. They were gifts from me five years ago or so (I got her a collection from The Violet Barn along with some gloxinias too, which I remember her always have when I was a kid). There are a few, so I rotate through them as they bloom. Back in October, right around my mom’s birthday, one of the ones she gave back to me started blooming.

While the other violets that live upstairs do OK, they really thrive by the kitchen sink. I don’t know if it’s the extra steam from doing the dishes, the light that comes in through the low window, or the extra fertilizer they get each morning (I water it daily with the water I rinse my coffee cup with). I can’t believe this beauty has been blooming for so long.

Do you have any houseplants just because you have memories of family members or friends having them?

Reading & Watching

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