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Snow Dogs

December 12th, 2013

Tara has been living at Chiot’s Run for almost three months now.  She came to us towards the end of September and is really settling in to her role as protector of all things living.  I find her sleeping by the ducklings sometimes and she frequently patrols the perimeter fence we have set up now.  She’s also really liking the cold weather, she finally spends her days outside without panting and searching for shade.  She was definitely made for winter!  Lucy is also a winter loving dog, she gets super excited when the snow starts to fall.  You can almost see a extra spring in her step when the weather turns cold.
Tara even has a few nicknames already, Terrible T seems to be the one she likes best, though she’s anything but terrible.  We also call her Sweet T to round it out.
Tara digging a den 1
Yesterday, Tara spent all day out and towards evening we discovered that she had started to dig herself a den.  It’s located in a small ravine between the chicken and duck coops.  You can’t tell she’s in there until she sits up and pops her head over the top of the rocks.  It’s the perfect place to be able to hear what’s going on and be close to both coops.
Tara digging a den 2
We have yet to decide on a permanent place for T, but we’re thinking this might be a good.  Perhaps a little roof over her den or just laying saplings and pine boughs might suffice.  We knew she’d eventually show us the place she wanted to claim as her own, this should work until the snow melts in spring, then she’ll have to find herself a new den.  It can be hard to have strictly outdoor animals in our society, people think they’re being abused or neglected.  Some certainly are, but there are those that are much happier being outside, Tara is one of those!  It can also be hard on us as we want to protect them and keep them safe, truth is, Tara is perfectly able to take care of herself and knows what she wants and needs.

Have you ever had outdoor animals? 


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