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The Spring Garden

May 27th, 2010

In the spring, it takes a while for the garden to ramp up and fill in (although you wouldn’t know it was spring with the hot weather we’ve been having around here). Everything is starting to look really great, especially in the front foundation bed. It can be difficult to time blooming plants so that you have something blooming most of the growing season. Spring is probably the easiest time with peonies, salvias, catmints and sages.

The peonies are blooming as well. Last week my early single peonies bloomed and just as they are fading the big pink ones up by the front fence are starting to come out.

My favorite combination at the moment is lamb’s ears and chives. I planted the lamb’s ears last spring and they’re really coming into their own this year. I’ve been able to dig up a few seedlings to transplant around the gardens. This combination will be making an appearance throughout the gardens in the next couple years as I divide these.

The foxgloves are also just starting to bloom. I have this yellow green variety that grows along the edges of the woods and seeds itself freely. I’m always happy to have more plants each year. They really brighten up the shady edges of the garden. This year I have more than ever and few really nice sized clumps.

I don’t know if I could ever choose a favorite flower. My favorite is usually what’s blooming at the moment.

What’s blooming in your garden at the moment?

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