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Quote of the Day: Seasonal Change

October 19th, 2015

“The season changed, from one hour to the next. She had gone to sleep in the cool balm of an Indian summer evening, and wakened in the middle of the night to the sharp bite of autumn, her feet freezing under the single quilt.

Diana Gabaldon in The Fiery Cross

Last week I was working in the garden in flip flops and a tank top, yesterday morning we woke up to a hard freeze and temperatures in the low 20’s. On my way home Saturday it was sleeting, yesterday it snowed.
I had read this quote in the book the night before, quite fitting indeed. We debated putting an extra blanket on the bed, but didn’t. Luckily, we didn’t wake up cold, but you can be we put the blanket on last night! Now we get to work with winter preparations. Chains and plows need to go on vehicles, stock tank and chicken waterer heaters need to be checked and cleaned, coops need cleaned and piled with lots of fresh bedding, and the garden needs a protective layer of mulch.

How’s the weather in your garden? What chores are on your list to get ready for the upcoming season? 

Quote of the Day: Monty Don

October 13th, 2013

“It is strange how autumn surprises you every year, even though it is as predictable as a birthday. You are conscious of summer stretching itself so thin that it is transparent, hardly any substance to it at all and yet enough colour in the garden, enough fragile heat in the sun to cling to. And then you turn away for a moment and it’s gone, autumn in its place, lumpen, damp and chill. Overnight you can hardly recall what summer was like. Yet something positive – if rather intangible – takes its place. It is the scent of apples and leaves, the amazing sight of cobwebs suddenly strung from branch to branch like a string of delicate seaside illuminations, and a mouthful of tastes that have lain dormant or inappropriate for two long seasons.”

Monty Don (The Ivington Diaries)

Fall 3
It certainly seems like it’s officially fall now, there’s a crispness to the air in the morning and evening. The air is starting to smell earthy as the leaves fall and start to decompose back into the soil. The sounds of rustling leaves is the most dominant sound in the garden.
I’m thankful that I live in place where the trees turn vibrant colors this time of year. It certainly helps bring some much needed excitement to what might be an otherwise depressing time.

Do you get to enjoy colorful leaves in your area?

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