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Garden Touring

August 2nd, 2018

In our area, there are lots of garden tours. Most of them benefit local land conservation and take place all on one day. My local garden club does a weekly garden tour, where one garden is open each Friday. Since I am in town running errands, I try to stop every week. I always have grand plans of sharing all these lovely gardens with your, but sometimes I get bogged down with work and gardening. Over the coming weeks, I’ll try to get through the backlog of photos and show you some of the lovely gardens I’ve been able to visit this summer. We will kick off with the most recent one I visited, the Belfast EcoVillage.

According to the garden club website “The EcoVillage is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and welcomes the larger community to see what’s now growing on the 40-acre site, formerly part of the Keene Dairy Farm. Resident Marion Brown will have her gardens on display, including a colorful island of evergreen shrubs and ninebark complemented by perennials such as lavender, echinachea and coral bells. With 36 households clustered in the energy-efficient duplexes, Brown says, there’s a wide range of gardening styles that will be interesting for visitors to see.”

It was interesting to walk around the grounds and see the variety of gardens on site. I quite liked the large vegetable garden. It’s always a pleasure to visit the gardens of others to get ideas and inspiration for your own garden. Tomorrow I’ll be touring another garden, trying to find ideas that will work in my own.

Spotted at a Local Shop

July 24th, 2018

I stopped by Brambles in Belfast two weeks ago to purchase a few items and spotted these lovely cedar planters out front.

Naturally, I took some photos in hopes of being able to make my own. Having a few planters like this to create dividers in the garden would be really nice. I’m thinking of a spot in my garden in particular where I’d love to have a hedge of sorts, but snowfall and plowing won’t allow it. Lavender or boxwood in containers like this would be a fantastic option. They could easily be moved in during the summer and be tucked away in the garage or a shed during the winter.

Have you spotted any items recently you want to try to make for your garden?

Belfast Garden Tour #2

June 28th, 2014

Yesterday was the second week of the local garden club garden tour series.  The featured garden was right on the ocean and it was lovely.  Lots of rock walls, walkways and terraces made this sloping lot useable.  The massive oak and ash trees made for a mostly shady lot.  I must admit, taking photos of the flowers and plants when there’s a strong wind coming off the ocean was a bit of a challenge. Here’s a tour of this lovely ocean garden. One nice this about this garden was that they had maps and keys listing all the different plants.
belfast garden tour 2 6
belfast garden tour 2 1
belfast garden tour 2 4
belfast garden tour 2 2
belfast garden tour 2 5
belfast garden tour 2 3
belfast garden tour 2 7
belfast garden tour 2 8
belfast garden tour 2 9
belfast garden tour 2 11
belfast garden tour 2 14
belfast garden tour 2 12
belfast garden tour 2 13
belfast garden tour 2 16
belfast garden tour 2 17
belfast garden tour 2 18
belfast garden tour 2 15
belfast garden tour 2 19
belfast garden tour 2 20
belfast garden tour 2 26
belfast garden tour 2 22
belfast garden tour 2 23
belfast garden tour 2 24
belfast garden tour 2 25
belfast garden tour 2 27
belfast garden tour 2 28
belfast garden tour 2 29
belfast garden tour 2 30
belfast garden tour 2 10
I especially loved the rock walkways in this garden, stone always looks right at home in a woodland setting like this one.

What’s your favorite part of this garden?

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