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Happy Birthday Mr Chiots

January 25th, 2016

Yesterday was a big day, a 40th birthday bash for Mr Chiots. We don’t usually celebrate birthday, not in a big way anyways. Usually there’s a favorite meal, or maybe a dinner out, but generally, nothing big. 40 is a big milestone, so I planned a big bash. We reserved the curling club and everyone met there. Curling is a favorite activity for Mr Chiots, so it was fitting that he was able to share it with his friends.
birthday bash 1
birthday bash 2
birthday bash 1 (1)
birthday bash 2 (1)
birthday bash 3 (1)
birthday bash 3
birthday bash
We celebrate with some of his favorite childhood foods: brown sugar & cinnamon pop tarts, doritos, pizza, oatmeal cookies, root beers, etc. We played a Brian’s favorite things bingo mixer game. What a great party of celebrate the life of a wonderful man.

What’s your idea of the perfect way to celebrate a milestone birthday?

Happy Birthday Mr Chiots!

January 24th, 2013

Join me in wishing Mr Chiots a happy birthday. We’re not big on celebrating birthdays around here, no presents are exchanged or anything like that. Generally I’ll cook a good meal and make Mr Chiots some cookies or cake (that’s enough present for him).
brian in florida
brian & susy (1)
Brian Hunting
Mr Chiots is an unseen force on this blog. He doesn’t write, but he takes care of all of the behind the scenes stuff. He makes sure the server is up & running, the software is up to date, he makes changes when they are needed. He really does keep the blog rolling, without him I probably would have quit long ago when the first server crash happened.
Brian 1
Brian 2
Brian 3
He roasts our coffee and keeps my cup full and keeps our freezer stocked with venison to eat. He cut wood to keep us warm, changes the oil to keep the cars running, goes with me on long hikes, keeps me laughing and is always willing to lend a hand in the garden if I need him.
brian changing oil
Brian 4
Join me in wishing Mr Chiots a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He is a valuable part of this blog and I certainly appreciate all the hard work he puts in behind the scenes!

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