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The Sweets aka Little Softie

December 19th, 2012

Last week, a few people asked about The Sweets, our little half feral garage cat. She made the move with us, with flying colors thanks to those Thundershirts! I had half tamed her before our trip and she’s become even more tame afterwards. She’ll even sit in my lap now (every now and then). She’s really good about letting me pet her, though she still won’t let Mr Chiots pet her very often (unless he’s the bearer of a chicken wing or some food for her).
Sweets 6
This little cat is really worth her weight in gold, we’re so glad her mama brought her to Chiot’s Run so long ago. She’s a valuable part of our family, one of the only pets actually earning her keep. If you’ve never heard her amazing survival story, check out A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Sweets 3
She gets the HUGE garage all to herself and she seems to love it. She’s claimed the upstairs as her domain. We leave a side window open for her to come and go as she pleases. Back in Ohio we had a pet door in the garage for her.
Sweets 4
Sweets 5
She’s been such a great outdoor cat. Back in Ohio she kept our gardens free of moles and chipmunks and our garage free of mice. So far it looks like she’s being a great mouser here as well, I often see her hunting mice around the chicken coop. Perhaps a cat door into the storage area of that building will help keep any mice out of the chicken food.
Sweets 1
Funny thing about this little black cat, we didn’t give her a proper name because she was a garage cat and we didn’t want to get attached. We started off calling her “Little Softie” but then she earned the nickname “The Sweets” because of her personality. We really do love her and are certainly glad she’s here in Maine with us.

Do you have nicknames for your pets?

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