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Friday Favorite: Clean Boots

March 7th, 2014

It won’t be long until the snow is all gone, though thankfully we still have some around. Snow makes a fantastic book cleaner, seriously, it’s amazing stuff. After walking in the muddy driveway, hitting the chicken coop and being in other dirty places, a few steps in the snow and voilà super clean tread!
clean boots 2
clean boots 1
I’m certainly going to miss my boot cleaner when it’s gone. After the snow leave mud season arrives and it’s mess, my boots won’t be this clean until the snow falls once again this fall.

Have things started to get muddy in your garden yet? 


Friday Favorite: Das Boots

January 11th, 2013

I’ve been needing a pair of winter boots for a long time. My favorite Keen rubber boots just don’t cut it when there’s snow on the ground or the a chill in the air. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve almost broken my neck when wearing them up the chicken coop or I come back in with frosty toes (even with thick wool socks on). After much research, I decided I to buy a pair of L.L.Bean shearling lined boots.
das boots 1
For one, they’ll last forever; for two, they’re lined with all natural shearling; for three, they’re leather. No thinsulate, nylon, or other stuff that’s going to wear out in a year or two. The shearling lining and the leather exterior on these beauties will last for a LONG time and it’s super warm.
Das Boots
The zip-up style was also a must, taking time to lace up boots several times a day was not something I wanted to do. These aren’t as convenient as my slip-on rubber boots, but they only take a few seconds to get on. The knee high version was also a must, the snow I have to wade to on the way to the compost pile is at times almost over the top of these.
das boots 2
They’re pretty pricey though, so I waited patiently for a sale. With the sale and some saved coupons I ended up getting them for almost 50% off. Low-and-behold, it happened back in mid-December. Somehow, they were accidentally shipped to Ohio; thank goodness for great neighbors who will package them up and forward them to you along with some wonderful homemade soap.
das boots 3
I couldn’t be happier with this purchase, they have been wonderful for all my outdoor chores (as you can see they’ve already lost their shine). The addition of ice stabilizers and I’m able to head outside without fear of falling on my face and dropping the eggs.

Have you found any new favorite garden tools recently?

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