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Friday Favorite: Amazon Music & Bose

April 21st, 2017

I keep my blog add free for a variety of reasons, mostly because I hate ads on blogs. There are some of you who support me with a monthly subscription of $5 or $10, that’s a huge help in paying my hosting bills (which are spendy). Another way to help support this blog is to click through my amazon links (or set up a bookmark through my affiliate account). I get a few pennies whenever you purchase something from amazon. Between the subscriptions and amazon most of the bills associated with maintaining the blog are covered. Amazon is a huge bonus for those of us who live rurally and can’t make it to the store conveniently or quickly or find some products locally. I also love that lots of small businesses use Amazon as their storefront so they don’t have to maintain their own websites. Because we purchase a lot from Amazon we have a Prime membership and we love all the features that come with it, like free TV shows and movies. One feature I’ve discovered this past year is Amazon Music, which is so much better than Spotify (which I was using before). Even their free version that comes with Prime has no ads (something I’m really keen on). A few months ago we upgraded to the paid version and am really enjoying it, since we have music on in the house for 12-14 hours a day, it’s something we get a lot of use out of.

We use our iPad mini as our music player and it hooks up to our speakers via Bluetooth. Mr Chiots got me a Bose SoundTouch for Christmas this year, the main unit along with a smaller speaker for my sewing room. It’s super nice because I can turn on the smaller speaker when I’m in my sewing room and it plays the same thing that’s playing downstairs. We’ve always liked the quality of Bose products (their noise cancelling headphones are another one of my favorite things) and we are really impressed with this particular system. If you’re in the market for a music system with add-on speakers I highly recommend it!!! In the future we’ll be adding a few more speakers for different rooms in the house, I’m thinking my office could use one next.

If you’re a music lover give Amazon music a try, I think you’ll end up loving it as much as I do! I even download lots of songs to my phone and use Amazon music to listen while I’m out and about. I’ve been able to discover lots of great new music that I would never have found otherwise. My music tastes are pretty eclectic, I’m a big fan of modern folk, bluegrass, and pretty much everything but top 40 type music.

Are you a music lover? Do you listen in the car and around the house? What’s your favorite style of music?

If you’d like to try Try Amazon Music Unlimited, click through this link for a 30-Day Free Trial, you’ll be supporting my blog while you do.

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