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The 2019 Calendar

November 26th, 2018

I usually try to get the calendar finished in October, but with my sister’s visit and a trip abroad, I didn’t get around to it until today. You can find it here on Thanks for purchasing this calendar, I get a few dollars for each one sold, which helps pay for my hosting and other bills associated with maintaining this blog. I’ll try to add current sales here: 20% Off Calendars, Offer Expires December 20th at 11:59 PM EST, Coupon Code: TWENTY18

The U.S. holidays are on the calendar, they just weren’t in the thumbnail images I downloaded from my proof. I hope you enjoy the calendar this year, I always enjoy looking back through all my images to find the perfect ones.

2018 Calendar

October 26th, 2017

Since it was raining cats and dogs yesterday, I decided to finalize my 2018 calendar. It’s always difficult to choose which photos to use for each month, I often try to pick ones that evoke the feeling of the month. Generally, they are actually taken during that month, though some months are difficult to find photos for, like February. Often February looks just like January, though this year the February photo is of my lime tree blooming, which happens in February.

Thanks to all of you who purchase a calendar, I make about $5 from each one and these funds go towards covering my hosting fees and other fees associated with this blog. Purchased calendars and clicking through my Amazon affiliate link helps me cover the blog costs and it keeps this blog ad free! Head on over to to purchase a 2018 Chiot’s Run calendar (don’t forget, these make great gifts). You may be able to find coupons on Lulu’s facebook page as well.

2018 Calendar

October 18th, 2017

Last year I didn’t do a calendar, which was very sad. There simply wasn’t enough time or energy with everything going on and all the traveling. This year however, the Chiot’s Run Calendar will be back. My plan is to have it finished and ready next week. In fact, I’ve already been going through photos and choosing a few of my favorites.

The funny thing is, as I was thinking about this calendar I didn’t think I’d have enough images to fill an entire year (good images that is). A best of calendar from the last 8 years was on my mind, but then I started going through photos and I think there will be more than enough from this year and last. The hard part is actually narrowing them down to the top 12-20.

Do you buy a paper calendar each year?

2016 Calendar

December 2nd, 2015

After a few people reminded me, I finally got the 2016 Chiot’s Run Calendar on Lulu. Here are a few of the photos that grace the months this year:
calendar images 1
calendar images 2
calendar images 3
calendar images 4
calendar images 5
calendar images 6
calendar images 7
calendar images 8
calendar images 9
calendar images 10
calendar images 11
calendar images 12
If you’re interested in supporting the blog, head on over an buy a calendar for yourself or for a gift. I get a few dollars from the sale of each calendar to help cover blog expenses.

2015 Calendar

December 27th, 2014

Last year I didn’t make a calendar and many of you were disappointed. I have to admit, I regretted not making one a few months into the year. This year I knew I needed one to visually keep track of everything that is going on in our lives. Digital calendars do not really work for me, I need something that I see on a daily basis and a place to write down important information and dates. My new calendar will live in my office beside my desk.
calendar 5
calendar 8
calendar 4
calendar 3
calendar 11
calendar 2
calendar 6
calendar 7
calendar 1
calendar 9
calendar 12
calendar 10
As usual, if you’d like to buy a calendar head on over to Lulu and get one. There is a large one (13.5″x19″)and a small one (11″ x 17″ open, folds in half in the middle like a regular calendar)..

Do you prefer a paper or digital calendar to keep track of events?

Reading & Watching

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