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Displaying All Those Cards

December 14th, 2010

Everyone has their own way in which they display all those holiday cards they get from friends and family. For the longest time I didn’t display them, I simply set them in a pile on my coffee table. Last year I taped them to the posts on my stairway, but they kept falling down. This year I decided to put all those clothes pins to work that aren’t being used since it’s cold outside.

I have been pinning all of my cards into the garland that I put on the banister. We have a fairly short banister, so I think when this is filled (which it almost is now, photos were take last week) I’ll move on to putting the cards in that garland above the sliding glass doors.

I have to admit, this way of displaying cards is growing on me. I might continue doing this unless see something better. Tucking them in the tree would be nice, as would bringing a branch in to pin them on. I’m sure there are endless ways to display cards that I’ve never even thought of.

How do you display all those holiday cards you get in the mail?

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