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Friday Favorite: Cats in the Garden

May 30th, 2014

It’s no secret that I am a cat person, I always have been. Cats are great to have around, I love their personalities and the way they interact with humans and each other. Gardening is also so much better with cats.
gardening with cats 1
Dexter and Samson are most often my gardening companions, Dexter in particular likes to follow me around while I work.
gardening with cats 2
There’s also the little feral garage cat, Sweets, who I don’t see as much as I used to since she has become mostly nocturnal. I do catch her sleeping on the couch in the upstairs of the garage quite often during the day.
Sweets 1
garage queen 2
I’m thinking about getting another garage cat for Sweets to train. She’s such a good mouser and is really smart about predators as well. Cats can also play an important role in the garden for rodent control. Since we don’t want foxes coming close to the house we need something to keep the mice and other small rodents in check. This task is important for helping keep Lyme disease in check as well, if all the smaller rodents like mice are kept under control larger rodents like squirrels can thrive and they are less likely to be hosts for Lyme disease.

What’s your favorite kind of animal to have around?


April 18th, 2014

True happiness is when Dexter discovers an emerging catmint plant for the first time in the spring. He found this yesterday when we were working in the back potager and spent about a half hour rolling on it and eating it.
catmint 1
catmint 2
I can completely understand how he feels, it’s a been a long winter here in Maine and Dexter is happy to once again be able to play in the garden and roll in his favorite plant. Back in Ohio I was always most excited to see my peonies, here in Maine I’m not sure if I have a favorite plant yet, I haven’t added any perennials to my gardens. Perhaps it will be asparagus this year, it won’t be long until it starts coming up.

What’s your favorite plant to see after a long winter?

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