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Herbed Chicken – Not the Cooked Kind

October 9th, 2013

Yesterday, I spent some time gathering fresh herbs for the nesting boxes. Soon enough the herbs will be gone and the snow will be flying. I’ve been harvesting herbs all summer long and drying them in the attic of the garage for this purpose, but when I have them fresh I use them that way.  In the winter I use dried herbs for the same purpose.  In this bucket is a mix of: calendula flowers, marigold flowers & leaves, peppermint, thyme, sweet annie, oregano, and lime basil. A handful was placed in each nesting box and now the coop smells amazing.
Chicken Herbs
I think the chickens rather like the herbs, if I only put herbs in one nesting box they seem to choose that one over the others. These herbs are supposed to help keep away parasites, lice, fleas, mites, ticks and other little creepy crawlies. You can also add other herbs like lavender, bay leaves, eucalyptus, catnip and catmint. Next year I plan on growing a few more herbs in the garden just for my feathered ladies.  Even if they didn’t help with little crawlies I’m pretty sure I’d still do it, the coop smells great and the chickens are happy.

What’s your favorite herb for scent instead of eating? 

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