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Harvesting the 3 Sisters Garden

October 6th, 2009

It was a beautiful day yesterday so I decided to go to my mom’s yesterday to harvest my 3 sisters garden. The corn has been drying on the stalks for a few weeks now and I figured I’d better pick it before the next rain storm comes.
I picked all the corn and some of the beans that were growing up the corn stalks. I haven’t weighed or counted the corn yet, so I can’t tell you how much I got. I think I’ll wait and weigh it when it’s dry.
I also harvested some of the squash that was growing through the corn, the pumpkins I picked last week were also growing around the corn.
Lucy had a great time, she loves “Goin’ to Gramma’s”. She got to bask in the sun while I was harvesting and she got to stick her head out the window on the car ride! You just can’t get any better than sunny with a high of 63 for gardening, I would rate it as the perfect gardening day!

What’s your favorite kind of gardening weather?

Lovin’ Life at Chiot’s Run

April 17th, 2009

Lucy is lovin’ life right now. She’s finally doing well enough that we don’t have to watch her like a hawk every minute of the day. (if you weren’t around when she got injured read this and this).
We’re having beautiful weather here in Ohio at the moment (mid 60’s and sunny). Lucy is really enjoying it because we’ve been chaining her to a tree in the yard. She’s still not able to run free as she used to, but she’s enjoying laying in the grass basking in the sun. The garden’s namesake can finally enjoy the gardens again.
She’s still doing therapy, which consists of many short walks around the yard increasing in distance every few days. But the nice weather makes these therapy sessions much more enjoyable both for her and us.
I’m enjoying this weather as well, the sun on my back, my fingers not being numb while working outside; I could get used to this.

What about you, are you having perfect gardening or basking in the sun weather?

Update on Lucy

February 8th, 2009

I figured it’s been a while since I’ve let you all know how Lucy is doing since her injury back on January 6. She’s still on bed rest but she’s doing much better. She’s been putting some weight on her hurt leg for a few weeks now and seems to be slowly improving (which is what we want to see). We’re doing a kind of treatment called Conservative Management.
Basically, for 6-8 weeks we have to confine Lucy and keep her as still as possible, during this time she is developing scar tissue that will stabilize her knee since her ACL is no longer working. She only gets a few potty breaks a day outside and the rest of the time she’s in the office relaxing while we’re working. Even when she goes outside Mr Chiots is using a sling to help support her back legs so she doesn’t do any more damage.
In 3-4 weeks we will start introducing a few short walks and gradually increase the length of those walks to strengthen the scar tissue that has formed on her knee. We’re looking forward to this time because Lucy is a very active dog and is really missing walks, running and hiking. It will still be 6-8 months until she can resume normal walks and some of her previous activities.
Running around in the woods will be off limits forever, but going on walks with us in the afternoons should be possible. Lucy’s really looking forward to this, she still gets excited when we get ready to go for a walk.
So hopefully she continues to improve little by little so she can spend the mornings with me in the gardens this summer (I think she’s going to be super excited to go to grandma’s and play with her cousins again as well).

Chiot’s Nose

January 18th, 2009

I realized I haven’t posted very many photos of the garden’s namesake. Lucy spends all her days in the summer laying outside on the front porch or the back driveway. She follows me around while I’m working in the flowerbeds. Here’s one I snapped while we were out gardening one day this summer.

Lucy likes the winter as well. She loves snow and gets all excited the first snow she sees in the fall. She also loves sunny winter days, she lays in the sun by the front door and even wants to go outside to sit on the porch.

Poor Poor Lucy

January 8th, 2009

Poor poor Lucy is out of commission for a while if the vet diagnosed her condition properly. It all started on Monday when we all went down to the family hunting cabin for a hike.
It was such a beautiful day, sunny and warm, we really enjoyed hiking through the woods. Lucy absolutely loves it there. It’s like heaven for a dog, tons of smells, rocks, leaves, acres and acres to explore.
Lucy was running across the field and suddenly yelped in pain and then started hopping along not using one of her back legs. We put her in the car and headed home, figuring she’d stepped on something or pulled a muscle. After giving her an aspirin and a vitamin C tablet that night we figured she’d be a little better in the morning. The following morning she was still limping around and not putting any weight on her back left leg. We figured something was wrong so we called and made an appointment with the vet for the following morning. Yesterday morning we were up bright and early to take Lucy to the vet. Lucy isn’t like most animals, she LOVES going to her vet, Stacy is one of her favorite people (the people at the vets are super fond of Lucy as well). Whenever I call they say, “Oh, you’re Lucy’s mom, we love Lucy.”
Lucy was diagnosed with a torn ACL, so I guess she’s not going pro. She’s on an anti-inflamatory and her mobility is restricted to see if she heals up. We’re trying a few homeopathic treatments: Tendon Rescue Gel, vitamin C & E and some Astragulus extract. Hopefully those work. She’s going to be on bed rest for a few weeks and then on restricted movement for a couple months. Poor poor Lucy can’t chase the UPS man. Hopefully she’s back up and running when spring comes, it’s her favorite time of year.

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