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Christmas Cards

December 13th, 2010

We received our Christmas card order last week, they’re so lovely, probably the best ones we’ve done so far. I am quite happy with them, and I’m super excited to send them out.

I set to work addressing all the cards, it’s always fun to go through the Christmas list and think about all the people on there and what they’ve been up to this year. Our list is long, but not too long. It’s filled with family members and friends – some old, some new – clients, professional friends and a few random people we’ve met throughout our lives. Some of them we don’t talk to much anymore, others we speak to several times a week. One thing keeps them all on the list, we appreciate the part they have played in our lives past or present.

I really enjoy getting cards in my mailbox from friends and family. I love seeing photos of my college girlfriend’s kids, seeing how much they’ve grown each year. I love reading Christmas letters from friends I don’t talk to near enough, hearing about the year they’ve had. Christmas cards really are a way to connect with those in our lives that we don’t want to lose touch with.

After checking everyone off of my Christmas list I ended up with a lot of extra cards. Since I had them printed and I don’t want any of these fabulous cards to go to waste, I thought I’d send them out to some of my readers. You always make my day when you read and comment on my blog, so you should be on my Christmas list. If you would like to receive one of our Christmas cards, send me your address via the contact link to the right. I’ll keep sending them out until I run out (then you might get one of last year’s of which I still have hundreds in a box).

Do you enjoy getting Christmas cards in your mailbox?

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