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The First Seedlings of 2015

January 14th, 2015

I have my first seedlings for the 2015 gardening year. Well, they’re technically not official seedlings since they won’t be planted outside, but they’ll provide food for the table nonetheless. I finally got around to starting a big planter of cilantro. Way back in the fall I started this planted with cilantro seed outside, but the blue jays found it and ate all my seeds before they germinated. I never got around to replanting until now.
cilantro seedlings
In a month or so this will help reduce our grocery bill. Each week I buy a bunch of cilantro and fresh herbs aren’t cheap! Luckily I have pots of a wide variety of herbs in the house already so cilantro is the only kind I have had to buy this winter. It is my favorite fresh herb so I always have to have it on hand for cooking. There’s nothing quite like fresh homegrown cilantro or parsley when the snow is covering the garden outside!

Do you grow herbs indoors in the winter? Which is your favorite fresh herb?


June 26th, 2013

I LOVE cilantro! ¬†Perhaps it stems from my childhood in Colombia, where it was sprinkled on top of pretty much everything, perhaps I just like it, who knows. It’s probably from my childhood though, because I like it when it starts to bloom. The ferny bits of cilantro are much better in my opinion. That’s how we always had it in Colombia, the flat, parsley like leaves weren’t seen very often.
fresh cilantro
My mom had a plant in the garden that was blooming, so I’ve been enjoying ferny cilantro sprinkled on everything. The other morning I made soup for breakfast with duck stock and freshly cut yucca.
breakfast soup small
If only I had some ripe hot peppers, I’d make the Colombian version of hot sauce that’s green from all the cilantro.

What’s your favorite fresh herb?

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