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Planting Pole Beans

June 15th, 2009

This is my first year growing a lot of things, like beans. I’m growing bush beans (2 kinds) and pole beans (2 kinds). My beets aren’t quite ready to harvest yet, although if whatever varmint keeps getting into them and eating them keeps it up, I’ll be pickling baby beets. My beet bed is where the bush beans will be going, but I really didn’t have a place for the pole beans. I have a trellis, but it’s currently covered in peas, clematis, hops and soon birdhouse gourds as well.
Terracotta pots
So I decided to grow my pole beans in a pot with a trellis, you can see the two pots there with the black trellises in them. They should be really beautiful in those pots filling them up quickly. I’m not sure where the pots will go yet, but they’ll look lovely wherever I put them. (this is my pot holding area, some of these will be moved to other locations throughout the gardens)
Bean Sprouts
Several days ago I wrapped the seeds in a wet rag and let them sit overnight. By the next morning they had all started to germinate, so into the pots they went. I planted them the day before yesterday and this morning I noticed the first sprout starting to pop up. By the end of the day it was standing tall and starting to unfurl it’s first set of leaves.
Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean Sprouts
I’m growing Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans and Dragon Tongue beans. Hopefully in a week or two I’ll be starting the bush beans in the raised bed. I’m hoping for a good bean crop this year for canning, we’ll see if the local wildlife finds them as tasty as the peas.

What kinds of beans do you grow?

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