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The Tour: The Chicken Coop

November 17th, 2012

No doubt you’ve seen glimpses of the chicken coop here and there but not in it’s entirety. From what I understand, this coop used to be the shed. It was then converted to a coop. A wooden structure in it’s natural form, it nestles quite easily into it’s surroundings and looks right at home.

It’s quite rustic and charming, buttoned up well against predators to keep the chickens safe and sound. Thankfully, there is an attached run, which is very nice because we can leave the chickens for a while without worry (though we do have the neighbor come check on them when we do).

There’s storage on one side, it came pre-filled with a variety of feeders, waterers and other interesting things, some of which we are not quite sure what they are for, no doubt we’ll figure it out.

The interior is good enough for the chickens, though we might reconfigure a bit to make cleaning a little easier. The ladies seem to like it well enough as is.

We need to build a few new nesting boxes for them, these are showing their wear. The chickens don’t seem to mind, though with the waning daylight hours and molting they’re not laying much at the moment.

In the spring, I plan on whitewashing the walls and scrubbing up the windows to brighten it up. If I have time, I may try to tackle the windows yet this fall. I’m sure the chickens would appreciate the extra sunlight!

Someday we might end up building a newer larger coop, but this one is quite functional until we do. It will most likely be used as a breeding coop if we go that direction. It’s certainly nice to have such a structure already in place. Now we can focus on other infrastructure like planting lots of fruit trees and other forage for the chickens. Next year we plan on getting a whole flock of new chickens as well.

Do you have any recommendation for a variety of chicken for us to get next spring?

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