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Making a Statement

September 13th, 2012

Yesterday, at noon, I found myself standing on the corner of a major intersection in our area with a sign:

I’m not much of one to do these kinds of things, but one of my good friend is very involved in the fight against fracking and wastewater disposal here in our community. She helped coordinate a state wide rally that took place in communities all around the state yesterday.

The hope was to raise awareness of the fact that Ohio is a dumping ground for many other state’s fracking water and the dangers that come along with this.

Since she’s a good friend of mine, I went to support her and to take some photos to publicize the rally. We stood on a main intersection in town around lunch time waving our signs. Thankfully, we got a lot of people honking and giving us the thumbs up (a few other fingers too, but we won’t go there). Some folks that actually stopped to chat, thank us in person and to get some information to pass along.

This kind of involvement is really not my thing. I much prefer to work in the background. I’ll cook, support, make signs and just about anything but be out in the middle of things. Standing on the corner holding a sign is WAY out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, it’s all about supporting those you love and a cause you believe in above staying in your comfort zone. I’m thankful for those that are fighting to keep our water and air clean for future generations!

Have you ever taken part in an environmental/political rally?

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