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Handmade Holidays

December 3rd, 2018

I’ve always been one to make lots of gifts, this year is not exception. Over the coming weeks I’ll be showing you a few of the things I’ve been making as I finished them up.

This beautiful green wool afghan was made with yarn from my mom’s stash. I found a pattern for a Finnish Granny Square on this blog and decided it the was the one I wanted to use. The edging I made up as I went along.

I’m pretty excited to gift this beautiful afghan, in fact I love it so much that I’m thinking of making one for our bed as well, perhaps with a thinner yarn of linen. That won’t happen until after the holidays of course, as now I’m on to quilting a quilt for a gift and then I’ll move on the making reusable shopping bags from vintage sheets. Stay tuned, I’ll show you lots of the beautiful things coming out of my craft room.

Are you a crafter? Do you enjoy making gifts for people?

Crafting Winter Warmth

December 10th, 2015

I’ve been needing a new winter hat, so I finally settled on a pattern and whipped on up. Crochet is such a wonderful creative outlet. I love that you can quickly make something useful and beautiful!
Divine Hat 1
Divine Hat 2
This is the ‘Divine’ hat (you can find the free pattern here on Ravelry). I used Manos del Uruguay wool yarn in’Spirulina’ color to match a cowl I made last winter. It was a quick and easy project, only taking an hour or so. I may be making these for gifts next Christmas!

What are you crafting this winter?

Busy Hands

February 3rd, 2015

This time of year I get anxious to start planting seeds.  When we lived in Ohio I always started celery and onions in late January. Here in Maine I try to wait until mid-February. Our snow cover sticks around for a few extra weeks so I can’t plant things out as early as I’d like. I also find that it works out better. I don’t have to tend seedlings for quite as long and the plants are happier to go into the soil a little earlier. Even though I start two weeks later, my plants seem to end up being ready for harvest around the same time. Since I get antsy to start planting I need to find projects to keep me busy.  New yarn and a giant crochet hook to the rescue!
crochet cowl 1
I’ve been wanting to make this cowl for quite a while and have been looking for the perfect yarn. This lovely yarn was procured at the Local Roots Market in Wooster, OH when I was visiting in early December. I purchased a skein of this yarn last year as well and it was made into a hat. The yarn is fantastic, super bulky and oh so warm. I knew I wanted a chunky cowl from this amazing yarn. I had pinned this pattern a while ago and knew it was exactly what I wanted to make. I purchased this 15.75mm crochet hook and set to work. It’s amazing how quickly something works up when using super bulky yarn and a giant crochet hook.
crochet cowl 2
Using large hooks for crochet projects will help the end product softer. One of the downsides of crochet is the tightness of the stitches. I must say, this cowl is amazingly soft and squishy. I’m actually thinking of making it more like an infinity scarf so I can wrap it around twice. All-in-all it’s a fun project. Another benefit of using such large yarn and hook is that there is enough in a skein to make two or three cowls instead of just one.  Who shall I gift an amazing cowl to? Guess I’ll have a few Christmas presents already finished for the year.

What do you do to keep yourself occupied when you can’t be gardening? 

Finally Finished

January 29th, 2015

I finally finished what we’re jokingly calling “the world’s most expensive afghan”. The yarn is beautiful, hand made locally by ontheround. I actually met up with Rachel once to pick up a little extra yarn, we chatted for quite a while.  The yarn isn’t cheap, but then it’s completely worth it to use such a wonderful product. The final afghan is really a work of art, the yarn helps make it perfect!
afghan  1
I blocked it last week and called it officially finished! In case you’re interested in a tutorial on the pattern I used, head on over to Soulstrikke.
afghan  2
afghan  4
afghan  5
I wasn’t a big fan of the edging she used, so I invented my own, essentially continuing the pattern from the squares.
afghan  3
afghan  6
Overall I love the afghan, it’s warm and cozy and oh so bright. I just ordered new furniture for the living room and two of the chairs are upholstered in indigo denim, this afghan will be PERFECT on them. As you can see Dexter has claimed it as his own, perhaps I’ll start calling it “The world’s most expensive cat bed”. I’ve moved on to finished up a cowl, starting a lacy alpaca scarf, and there’s a new afghan in the works. These cold winter evenings have me realizing that I need a stack of afghans in the living room to snuggle under. Of course there are thousands of other projects I’d love to make, head on over to my crochet pinboard to see what I’ve collected.

Have you finished up any projects recently?

Back At it Again

October 30th, 2014

Back when I was sick a few months ago, I started a rainbow afghan. Of course once I was well again, it was put in a box and my time was spent catching up on garden chores. Last week during the days and days of rain, out it came once again and I started assembling it.
afghan (1)
It’s not my normal style & colors. I typically don’t go for bright primary colors, but I really wanted this to be classic. I can’t decide if I want to keep it or give it to a friend. One thing I can say is that the local hand dyed merino wool yarn does not make for an inexpensive project!
Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 6.37.48 PM
I’m pretty excited about winter coming as I have amassed quite a collection of projects I want to work on. There is fabric in my sewing room for two new quilts and I have an idea for a third. I have a shirt I want to make, along with a skirt as well. There are also a few new skeins of a mustardy yellow wool I picked up earlier this week for a warm cowl that I will hopefully be wearing this winter.

Do you pick up any sewing, knitting, or other handicrafts during the winter months?

Reading & Watching

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