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Memorial Gardens

June 14th, 2017

My mom was an avid gardener, her gardens were always full of blooms (and vegetables too). For her celebration of life service, we decided that we wanted to use flowers from her garden to decorate the church. Her gardens are large, thus we had plenty of blooms. There were four large arrangements and four smaller ones. Here are some photos (some cell photos, some real ones, some mine, some my brother’s). They were lovely and just what we wanted, not the typical funeral arrangements. My mom was adamant about her service not being like a normal funeral, including the flowers.

It was nice because some of the flowers we used in the arrangements were from plants that my mom had gotten from her mom’s gardens. The white peonies and the sweet peas were both true heirloom flowers. My mom didn’t have a dedicated cutting garden, but she certainly had plenty of flowers to cut throughout the spring/summer/fall.

In lieu of flowers for her service, we had friend/family make donations to the charity my parents started. The funds will be used to build a memorial garden in at the camp facilities in Colombia. We figured this was fitting, it allows the funds to be used for something that will last. The garden will also be a place for all the people in Colombia to remember her and the work she did there. My dad and I are now starting the design process for this garden, I may be traveling to Colombia in the next year or so to help with the plan/implementation. It’s exciting to think about a lovely garden that will provide a peaceful place at the camp.

What’s your favorite flower?

The Cutting Garden

July 26th, 2016

This is my first year with an area of the garden dedicated to cut flowers. Even with them being specifically planted for this reason, I still have a hard time cutting them. The truth is, I enjoy flowers much more in their garden setting than inside the house. I have been cutting a few bouquets here and there, but for the most part I enjoy them in the flowers. The pollinators are loving them as well!
cutting garden flowers 1
cutting garden flowers 2
cutting garden flowers 3
cutting garden flowers 4
cutting garden flowers 5
cutting garden flowers 6
cutting garden flowers 7
cutting garden flowers 8
cutting garden flowers
Adding flowers to the vegetable garden is definitely a wonderful thing to do. Not only does it make the space more colorful, they really attract a wide variety of insects and pollinators. I’ll definitely continue having a cutting garden space, even if I never cut flowers from it.

What’s your favorite cut flower for indoor bouquets?

The First Bouquet

June 4th, 2011

This past week I spotted the first light pink double peony blooming and had to bring it indoors. I picked a few other flowers including: euphorbia, crimson clover, dutch iris, chives, single peony, ladies mantle, and east friesland hybrid sage.

After ready a few books like Simply Imperfect: Revisiting the Wabi-Sabi Houseand The Kitchen Gardener’s HandbookI decided to try having freshly cut things from the garden in the house more often. It can be anything from some freshly harvested asparagus in a vase waiting to be eaten, a branch of forsythia being forced into early bloom, or a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the garden. Someday I will have a dedicated cutting garden filled with all sorts of things to bring indoors, but until then I’ll snip a little bloom here and there. They won’t even be missed in the garden and I’ll be able to enjoy them inside.

What’s your favorite cut flower to have in a vase on the table?

Reading & Watching

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