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Daffodils for Charlotte

March 29th, 2012

I promised my friend Charlotte a parade of daffodils. She works at Peaceful Valley Farm Supply (aka Grow Organic) and she has a blog called Daffodil Planter (now you can see why she was asking to see my daffodils). Here’s a parade of daffodils that have been blooming in my garden over the past month.

The daffodils in my garden range in color from the brightest yellow you can get to the palest yellow that almost looks white. I have big ones and small ones, tall ones and squat ones. I never was much a fan of the bright yellow ones, but then I discovered that they came in all shapes, sizes and colors that weren’t quite so obnoxious.

I don’t know the varieties of the daffodils pictured below, a few were here when we arrived, others were purchased in a bag labeled “daffodils” at the store. This small buttery yellow double narcissus I purchased the first fall we lived here, but I have long since lost the information on what variety they were. I think they’re ‘White Lion’ but I’m not positive.

This past fall I added ‘Small Talk’ and ‘Little Gem’ to the front lawn. They only grow 4-6 inches tall and are so perfect blooming just above the grass. They’re so tiny and intriguing and perfect mixed with crocuses and muscari.

Last fall I also added bluebells and tiny narcissus along the pathway through the maple grove in the back of the garden. These beautiful ‘Minnow’ narcissus are really love. They have multiple tiny multi colored blossoms that float above each stem. They’re so dainty and beautiful, it’s hard to believe their so rugged.

I wish I had planted more daffodils in my garden over the years, they’re such hardy bulbs, multiplying with ease and never bothered by burrowing pests or foraging deer like tulips are. Once you bury a bulb in the garden you’re pretty much guaranteed that it will come back year after year in increasing numbers.

Do you like daffodils? Any blooming in your garden?

If you’re looking for a good prices and a great selection of daffodils and narcissus bulbs head on over to Van Engelen.

The Daffodils are Here

March 30th, 2009

I’ve been watching the daffodils on my front hillside for the past couple weeks waiting for the blooms to emerge. This is what they looked like on March 9th.
Then on March 18th you could start seeing evidence of the blooms.
Finally a few days ago they were almost out.
It’s always nice to see these sunny flowers peeking out, it’s a sure sign that spring is here. I’m not sure what kind they are, I inherited these daffodils from the previous owners of the house. I suspect that they’re the wild ones that grow here in Ohio, they bloom at the same time and look very similar.
This fall I’m hoping to add more daffodils to my gardens. They’re a great bulb because they grow well in my soil and they’re deer & rodent proof. I’ll probably purchase mine from Old House Gardens, they specialize in heirloom bulbs.

Are there daffodils in your gardens? Any other spring bulbs blooming now?

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