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A Cheery Delight

December 19th, 2011

Most years, my front porch is all decorated this time of year with fresh pine greenery, big white Christmas lights, grapevine stars, terra cotta pots, pinecones, and all things natural. I spend the better part of a day outside stringing garland and lights and adding a touch of the holidays to our home.

This year however, my front porch is bare, there is no pine garland, no white lights, and no grapevine stars. I never got around to buying the garland and I haven’t been able to find the time to pull out the stars. It’s kind of sad, I really miss the big white lights shining through the front windows during the evening. I didn’t want to go completely without any outside lights, that makes me sad.

We are not completely devoid of holiday cheer in the garden. Some big colored lights were strung in a small blue spruce out back for our Christmas card photo.

Generally I’m not a colored light kind of gal, but I find them to be a cheery delight when I see them through my kitchen window in the evenings.

The nice thing about this little strand of lights is that no one else can see them but us. It’s like our own little holiday display on the back hillside. The extra nice thing is that it will take me all of two minutes to take down the outdoor holiday decor instead of the usual couple hours.

Do you add any outdoor decor/lights to your home during the holidays? Which do you prefer: white or colored lights?

Indoor Holiday Decor

December 11th, 2010

After picking up our tree on Tuesday, we pulled out the bins of holiday decor from the basement and set about decorating the inside of our home for Christmas. I’m partial to natural decor inside just like I am outside. I usually stick to white lights, glass balls, pine cones, and a few strings of glass beads when it comes to trimming the tree. Here’s a peek at the holidays inside the cottage at Chiot’s Run.

I made some mixed pine garland from those pine boughs we got at the Christmas tree farm and put it over the sliding glass door in the dining room. I simply love these little mica tree silhouette lights I got a long time ago, they are handled gingerly and strung up around the house each year. I had so much fresh pine left that I even put it on the light fixtures.

Of course the best part is the way the lights warm the house at night. We put our tree lights on a dimmer so we can dim them if we want to. I always love looking at them all squinty eyed to make them blurry.

Last year we didn’t put any Christmas decorations up in the house except for some of my nativity sets. Mr Chiots was very sad and said this year he wanted it really festive. I think we’ve achieved that, he’s very happy.

How do you decorate the inside of your home during the holidays? Do you go all out, or do it simply? (if you’ve posted about it on your blog, add a link below, I’d love to see it)

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