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Cats and Winter Driving

December 2nd, 2010

I love almost everything about winter but the driving. It’s not so much that I mind driving in the snow personally, it’s all the other crazies on the road that worry me. Yesterday I almost didn’t make it home after the weather took at turn for the worse. It all started after a field trip with my nieces & nephew.

Their home school group arranged a field trip for the kids to tour the Cat’s Meow Village in Wooster. We saw how screen printing was done and iron on transfers were made. We also learned about the history of the company and got to see how they make all the little wooden houses, the kids thought it was very interesting. We also learned how Casper, little black cat, ended up on all the houses.

After the field trip, I met Mr Chiots to deliver a big pot of venison stew for the fearless hunters to eat, then I headed home. All was going well until about a half hour into the trip, then the roads took a turn for the worse, they were covered in a sheet of ice. For some reason, here in NE Ohio, everyone seems to forget how to drive in the snow during those warm summer months. People were flying by my at 80 mph and were swerving in and out of traffic. Of course many of them ended up in the ditches, most of them after bridges. They must think the “Bridge Freezes Before Roadway” signs are just a suggestion, not a fact. Normally the trip takes me around 50 minutes, I arrived home about 2 hours later.

The tally for the trip ended up being about 12 cars that I spotted in ditches. Two accidents that closed down both lanes of the four lane highway I was one, with fire trucks and everything at the scene. Ironically the back country roads I take for half of my trip weren’t too bad, old fashioned cinders are still the best I think. Not to mention, I think rural people are better versed at less than perfect road conditions since it’s the norm for us.

I’m happy I made it home, hopefully no one was injured too badly in any of those accidents. Perhaps those people will be more careful in the future. Winter driving is something I definitely am not looking forward to!

What are the roads like in your area in the winter? Does snow create big traffic problems?

PS – I didn’t take either photo above while driving, that would put me in that category of stupid drivers with all the people flying by me yesterday. I was stopped in a traffic jam yesterday for the blurry tail lights, and the winter road photo was taken last winter while Mr Chiots was driving, this is the road into town from our house.

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