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Friday Favorite: Barter is Better

May 16th, 2014

I love bartering, it’s so nice to be able to trade things you produce or no longer want for things you need or want. A few months ago I stumbled on Erin Flett’s Etsy store and fell in love with her hen print. Into my favorites it went and I went to Facebook to like her page.
erin flett 3
She’s a Maine artist that focuses on sourcing all of her raw materials from companies in the United States, now that’s the kind of art/products I like. Fast forward a month or two and she posted about a new light she got for her studio which just happened to be like a few lights that were in this house when we arrived.
erin flett
I messaged her to see if she was interested in a few more, which she was. A deal was made, I took four lovely vintage white globe lights of varying sizes down to her studio near Portland and she gave me a host of lovelies, including the hen print that I loved so much, which is being printed soon.
erin flett 2
I now have four lovely oversized kitchen towels with hens and roosters, perfect for my love of all things fowl.
erin flett 1
She also insisted that I take a small zippered pouch, which will come in handy for trips to the farmers market. I think it will become my new purse.
erin flett 2 (1)
I also have two small pillows that will be perfect in our guest room on the bed with that quilt that I just finished.
erin flett 1 (1)
Bartering is so great, I have a few other bartering relationships. One is for eggs, I give a local couple eggs in exchange for a credit for cedar lumber when I need it (they have a cedar mill).

Do you ever barter? What product or item do you produce that would be a good barter item for you?

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