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Friday Favorites + Free Ethel Gloves

December 17th, 2010

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ve most likely heard about my love for Ethel Gloves. If you haven’t heard me talk about how wonderful and comfortable they are, you’ve probably noticed them in my photos, they are truly beautiful gloves. Ethels are the perfect gardening glove, offering a great fit that gives you dexterity while gardening. You can do everything from heavy digging to pulling out teeny tiny seedlings in them.

My Ethel’s get plenty of wear, in the summer they are used a couple hours a day. I’ve already worn through 2 pairs in the last 2 years. I now have a pair of their leather gloves that I’ll be using for the tougher tasks in the garden, like building all those rock walls.

One of my favorite features of Ethel Gloves is their washability. I’m sure all of you gardeners know the pain of gardening gloves that get wet and then are stiff as boards, never again allowing the dexterity that they had when new. This is not the case with Ethel Gloves, they get slightly stiff after getting wet and drying, but all you have to do is throw them in the washer and when you get them out they’re soft as new.

In October I got a pair of the new Ethel Utility Gloves. I’ve never been a fan of rubberized gloves for gardening and I thought they wouldn’t allow the dexterity that regular Ethel’s offer. The dexterity is slightly less, but the warmth is much better, which for us northern gardeners is a huge deal. I used these gloves for all of my fall gardening chores and they were perfect since fall chores here in the North tend to be wet. I also used them when decorating the front of the house for Christmas, which is a task they work beautifully for as well. I now love the utility gloves as much as the Signature Ethel Gloves.

Ethel also is developing an insulated gardening gloves in the works, which I’m testing at the moment. How perfect is this for us Northern gardeners, especially those of us that want to do more winter gardening.

Ethel Gloves make a wonderful Christmas gift for that gardener in your life, I was so excited to receive my first pair from Mr Chiots 2 years ago. Use coupon code: HOLIDAY25 to save 25% off your order. Ethel was kind enough to send me a pair of Traditional Gloves to give away on my blog. Comment below and you’ll be entered in the drawing for a free pair of Ethel Gloves. I’ll announce the winner on next weeks Friday Favorite.

What’s your favorite kind of gardening glove?

UPDATE: Just got a call from the friendly folks at Ethel and they’re going to give away 4 more pairs of gloves in this contest. So now there are 5 pairs in the giveaway…your odds just got much better!

I LOVE Ethel Gloves

July 3rd, 2009

I love Ethel Gloves, you may remember how excited I was when Mr Chiots got some for me for Christmas.
You’ve probably seen them in just about any post featuring my hands. I’m always wearing them when I’m out working, and when I don’t need them they’re always close by waiting (usually in my pocket).
When I love something I’m the kind of person that tells everyone about it. If you’re looking for the most comfortable gardening glove ever, buy a pair.
They really are the perfect gardening glove offering a great fit that gives you perfect dexterity while gardening. You can do everything from heavy digging to pulling out teeny tiny seedlings in them. One of the best features is that they’re washable, no stiffness afterwards (and the look brand new again).
Ethel really appreciates people that love their products so they featured Chiot’s Run on their website. Head on over there and check out all the article about me and all the great Ethel Gloves. If you need a gift for a gardener in your life, these are perfect.

Do you have a favorite gardening product you just love?

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