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Sprucing up the Fairy Garden

May 15th, 2012

Remember when I put together a Fairy Gardening Kit with my nieces & nephew last fall? A few of the plants didn’t make it through the winter, so we purchased some plants last Monday at the greenhouse. Yesterday, I met them at my mom’s and we spruced up the Fairy Garden for the coming season.

The Fairy Garden had a rough winter and only one of the tiny plants had survived. That’s OK though, the kids were not discouraged and it’s a good lesson to learn. Plants don’t always survive. We pulled everything out, mixed some chicken manure into the soil and set off designing and planting our new fairy garden.

If you’ve got kids and want to help them learn to love gardening fairy gardening is the perfect way. My nieces and nephews are fascinated with the fairy garden and always have to water it and monitor it when they go to my mom’s.

I’m hoping to put in a fairy garden in my outdoor garden someday, what a fun thing to do in a little nook. It’s also a great way to keep those low-growing plants in one place and reduces the risk of them being overshadowed and overtaken by larger plants.

What great things have you learned captivate kids when it comes to gardening? Have you ever seen a fairy garden?

Fairy Gardening and a Giveaway

October 26th, 2011

For the last couple years I’ve been admiring the fairy gardens at one of my local greenhouses. They are very lovely and quite elaborate. I never really thought about putting one in here, until now.

I happen to really love all the diminutive plants that you use and the idea of putting them all together in a teeny tiny garden seems like so much fun! And don’t even get me started on all the cute tiny pots and other things you can get for them, like these tiny glass cloches and terra cotta pots I found.

Two weeks ago Ethel sent me a Fairy Gardening kit to put together with my nieces & nephew. We had a blast doing it as you can see in the video that we made. Watch it here.

If you’re looking for ways to get your kids interested in gardening, or something hands on for homeschooling, putting together a fairy gardening is a great way to engage them! My nieces & nephew really loved all the tiny plants and the little chairs and garden ornaments. I remember when I was growing up my mom always had a miniature cactus garden on the coffee table. It was a fairy garden of sorts, a desert version with cactuses and a tiny little chiva (which is a traditional Colombian bus).

I’m thinking next summer I might make the area around my garden pond a fairy garden of sorts. I have a small church that I’ll use and I bought a few of those beautiful little glass cloches for myself. Ethel is giving away a Fairy Gardening kit just like the one we put together in the video and the one pictured above (minus cloches & plants) to one lucky person, follow the video link above to see how you can enter for your chance to win.

Have you ever seen a fairy garden? Do you have one in your garden? Would you ever think of having one?

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