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Friday Favorite: Fall Cleanup

October 28th, 2016

I love fall, the cooler temperatures, the colorful leaves, the garden cleanup chores. There’s something soothing and relaxing about cleaning up the garden in fall, none of the harried nature of spring. I guess that’s because you know there aren’t 100 chores still left to do when you finish one. As you check them off the list, they’re finished until next spring when the snow melts.
I love mowing the leaves, mulching the gardens, building the compost piles, clearing out the garden, etc. There’s something wonderful about seeing the earth ready for a rest, I always wonder if the garden looks forward to the winter rest season as much as I do.

What’s your favorite fall cleanup chore?

Quote of the Day: Autumn

October 11th, 2015

“At this season, change was in the air itself, the scents of ripeness and death borne on the breeze, and the breath of winter in its chill. Still, they rhythms of the turning each brought change that was expected, ordained; body and mind met it with knowledge and–on the whole–with peace.”

Diana Gabaldon in The Fiery Cross (Outlander)

fall cleanup 1
fall leaves
fall garden 1
whispers of fall 3
I hope you are enjoying the season, whether you live in a place with fall or not. I really enjoy the beauty that comes in this season before winter. The days are colder, the leaves are falling, the garden plants have pretty much stopped growing. It’s time for rest, for gardens and gardeners alike.

Lighting a Fire

October 28th, 2014

There’s nothing that will light a fire under a gardener like seeing SNOW in the 10 day forecast.  That will turn the slow rhythm of fall cleanup into a frenzy of work, at least it does around here, perhaps I’m the only one.
Fall cleanup 1
Yesterday was spent madly mowing and mulching leaves, planting a few remaining perennials and emptying all the pots of summer annuals. The soil from these containers don’t get composted yet, I’ll put it into a few long planted boxes, add a sprinkling of kelp and mineral mix, then seed cilantro, lettuce a few other herbs for winter harvests.
Fall cleanup 2
It’s looking rather bare outside now, no pots over flowering with blooms. Sometimes in the winter I take the pots and fill them with pine greenery and grapevine stars, I probably won’t get around to doing that this year. There is definitely something therapeutic about cleaning out the containers and all the remains of summer from the garden. It’s a bit like cleaning out the closet, you feel lighter when you’re finished. Now I can spend my winter dreaming about the creative things I can do with containers next year!

Any snow in your forecast yet?

Friday Favorite: Fall Color

October 17th, 2014

Every fall I am reminded of this quote:

“Mostly what’s on my mind right now are the falls colors. I go around gaping, as if I have never seen anything like it before. Perhaps I haven’t, I’m never quite sure. I could see this display every year and not grow tired of it, like seeing the flight of geese, or hearing the bird songs in spring. I remember, and that might reduce the amazement. But I don’t remember the edge–the vividness of the spectacle.”

Bernd Heinrich (A Year In The Maine Woods)

fall leaves
fall 1
walden pond 2
I never tire of the beauty this time of year, the leaf change is one of the most remarkable things during the year. It happens at the perfect time, otherwise autumn would be a very depressing time. It won’t be long until everything is brown, but until them I’ll be soaking in all the beautiful colors as much as I can. There are lots of things to love about fall, cooler temperatures, root vegetables, winter squash, etc. What I love most is the exuberance of the leaf change, I know it’s coming every year and it still takes me by surprise, like the grand finale of a fireworks show!

What’s your favorite things about fall?

Nearing the End

October 4th, 2014

Over the past few weeks I’ve been slowly gathering the last of the harvest for the season. Winter squash and pumpkins have been tucked away on a shelf in the office, green tomatoes are sitting on a table on the back porch. Giant zucchini are resting in a cool spot to be fed to the chickens when the snow flies. As the harvests grow smaller and smaller the compost pile grows larger and larger with the remnants of this year’s garden.
butternut harvest
tomatoes on the vine
The last of the tomatoes were picked yesterday, along with a few other edibles that lingered in the garden. Strawberries are being moved, fall lettuce is planted, winter hardy arugula is being sown. There’s definite comfort in the end of the season, there’s no hurry like there is in spring, chores can be done slowly and methodically instead of hurriedly. There’s a deep sense of order that comes from clearing the garden for the season, because there can only be rebirth after death.

How’s your garden season coming along? Is it winding down?

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