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Chilly Chores

December 20th, 2014

Now that winter has set in and the pigs are gone the electric net fences need to come out. Last year we got an ice storm and I wasn’t able to remove them before the snow fell in mass quantities. As a result our poor fences took a little bit of a beating. Luckily, they’re very sturdy and I only ended up with a few bent posts.
working on fences 1
I put it off one day because it was raining, the next day it was snowing. After waiting as long as I could I headed out into the snow to work. These fences are a huge pain to put up and take down. They are fantastic for keeping animals contained, but the process of taking them down, rolling them up, and storing them is really annoying. Luckily, the snow stopped and the sun started to peek out. By the time I was finished I could see a little bit of blue sky.
working on fences 2
My fingers were super frosty by the time I finished but that’s quite fine with me. I don’t mind doing chores like this because I can be outside, even on cold days it’s quite a treat to be able to get outside!

Do you enjoy chores in less than perfect weather?

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