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Friday Favorite and a Giveaway

December 21st, 2012

There’s nothing I love more than helping people out, especially friends. I’ve known Beth for many years, we used to be facilitators at a high ropes course together many years ago. She’s the one I got my ducklings from.
beths farm 1
Beth has a little boy and another baby on the way. Earlier this year, she started selling Flexi-clips. Now, I know Beth and know she wouldn’t be selling something she didn’t love. When she asked to do a giveaway on my blog I said SURE. She mentioned that these clips would be perfect for gardeners who want to keep their hair out of their eyes when working.  She should know, she’s got a small farm with all kind of lovely animals and a nice big garden.
beths farm 2
What is a flexi-clip? it’s like a ponytail holder, only better. I’m one to always have my hair pulled back, in fact I keep it long enough just to pull it back, it’s a rare sight to see my hair down. After wearing the flexi-clip for one day I was amazed at it’s staying power. Normally, my hair falls out of it’s ponytail or bun several time a day and I have to redo it. Not the case with this clip, it stayed in all day and there was no tight pony tail headache and no hair snags or knots. It’s so gentle, it has to be much easier on your hair than one of those rubber band ponytail holders which tend to cause breakage and split ends.
flexiclip giveaway 1
If only you knew how hard it was to take a photo in a handheld mirror of my hair in the bathroom mirror.   Today we’re doing a giveaway for one of these lovely clips, which you’re sure to love as much as I do.  Head on over to Beth’s website and check them out. Use the “go shopping” link in the upper right hand corner to check out what variety of flexi-clips and other things there are. Since I’m a no-frills kind of person, I chose a medium Simple design. They do have ones that are more adorned if you like that sort of thing.
flexiclip giveaway 2
The flexi-clips also look GREAT – more put together than my usual ponytail holder, something I could definitely use!  I think I’ll have to head on over and order a few different sizes for ponytails and buns. I might have to take advantage of her buy three get one free sale (details below).  If you’d like to see more about her and her family, head on over to her business facebook page. Beth kindly offered to give one flexi-clip away to one of you, simply comment below for your chance to win. Congrats to Lisa at The Cutting Edge of Ordinary for winning.

How would you describe yourself when it comes to hairstyles?

Buy 3 items get 1 free (free item up to $16 value). Buy 3 items through my website, then email me the item you would like for free and I’ll send in the certificate for the free item.

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