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Always Good for a Laugh

January 14th, 2010

Just about every day I check my Flickr account to see what people are searching for to end up on my photos. It’s not that I particularly care, it’s just good for a laugh. It seems like every day I have a couple very funny search terms that resulted in someone stumbling across one of my photos. Check out these from Google.

I got a good laugh when I saw “barista MMMM.” They ended up on the photo of Mr Chiots making lattes, I’m wondering what exactly they had in mind when they typed that into Google.

Of course sometimes it’s not the search term that’s humorous but it’s the photo they ended up finding through their search. For example search #2 on this day was: Ballet Toes (and this is a common search that leads people to this specific photo).

This photo is titled “Practicing my Ballet Toes”, so that’s how people end up there when searching for ballet toes. I bet this isn’t quite what image they were thinking about when they typed “ballet toes” into google images. Oddly enough, there are many cat photos that come up.

There are days when I’m baffled by search terms, like this one. What exactly are you looking for when you type “driving minivan” into a search engine?

I also wonder what exactly people are looking for when they search for things such as “scary sewer” on this day (oddly this isn’t the first time someone has searched for this and ended up on one of my photos).

I don’t know what’s worse, that someone is searching for “scary sewer” or that one of my photos popped up.

Then there are those time when I have no idea what exactly someone was looking for. What is a brussels sprouts map anyways?

At least they stumbled upon this lovely photo to hopefully entice them cook up some brussles sprouts at home.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve turned up when searching on-line?

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