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What to do with an abundance of rocks

June 26th, 2008

Everywhere we dig in our gardens reveal rocks by the dozens.

I used to cast them aside and there are still many piles along the edges of the woods to attest to this. About 4 years ago, we decided to start using the rocks for walls to contain our gardens.

We have a severely sloped front hillside out by the road and we have used mountains of rocks to terrace it. It’s such hard work, we only finished a third of it the first year.

This year we started working on the right side of the front hillside, this is what it looked like in April when we started.

This is it’s current state, we still have a lot of work to do, but it looks better than it did last summer!

We also have used rock walls to edge our driveway.

Now finding a rock while digging is like finding a treasure, and we are constantly using the piles along the edges of the woods that were made during our first 2 summers here. We now have rock walls all around the property and rocks edge almost every flower bed we have. Plants always look so lovely cascading over a wall of rocks.

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