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A Fall/Winter Planter

September 17th, 2019

Flowering kale has always been a favorite fall plant. They look magnificent when most other things are fading, breathing fresh life into an otherwise waning season. They can be difficult to source, at least I haven’t found them easy to find when needed. A few years ago I bought seeds and started my own. This year I got lucky and found a few on sale at a local greenhouse.

I decided to cut down a birch sapling that was encroaching on a trail and use that as well. As the season progressing into winter, I’ll add some red twig dogwood stems and probably some pine boughs as well.

Do you make seasonal containers? What are some of your favorite plants to use?

Lucky Me – Free Plants

January 11th, 2011

Remember those beautiful ‘White Crane’ flowering kale I was waxing on and on about last fall? I thought they might sprout roots if I left them in water after they faded, so I put them down in the basement under the grow lights when they were past prime.

I noticed a few weeks ago that they had sprouted roots – HURRAH! I have 5 plants that I potted up and will planting them in the garden this spring. If I get lucky they’ll set seed and I’ll be able to save seed from them and end up with even more of them (if they do I’ll be sure to have a giveaway).

Next on the plant propagation list: blue sweet potatoes. I bought some blue sweet potatoes at the farmer’s market and I’ll try my hand at propagation soon, I’ll be posting more about my efforts in a few weeks. Propagating plants from sources like this is really the best way to get new plants for your garden, then you have a story to go along with them (not to mention they’re FREE).

Have you ever propagated plants “accidentally”?

I’m in Love

November 23rd, 2010

I posted on Sunday about how beautiful the flowering kale is in my front flowerbed after our cold weather. Every year at this time I notice flowering kale all over the place and make a mental note to plant some in the spring, then I completely forget until this time of the year. I must add them to my spring seed buying list so I don’t forget next year. I want to plant this particular variety.

I purchased these beauties at Local Roots in Wooster last Friday, they were only 5/$1. Since I can’t have them blooming in my garden I’m more than happy to have them brightening up my dining room.

I love that they look like roses, only I think they’re much prettier than roses. I believe they’re White Crane flowering kale, I found some seeds over at Territorial Seeds Company, a place I don’t mind doing business with. I’m thinking I would love to grow a few extras so I can incorporate them into my Christmas decorations, both inside and out.

One of the best features of a cut flower like this, is that they last forever in a vase. These should last a few weeks or more, that’s a lot of beauty for only $1!

What’s your favorite fall blooming plant?

Reading & Watching

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