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Ode to the Dogwood

May 10th, 2011

Each year we wait patiently for the dogwood trees to burst forth with their display. Some years we get a big wind storm right as they’re coming out and we miss their graceful blooms entirely. Every couple years we have the perfect weather and they bloom profusely.

This year is one of the good years. The trees on our property are blooming beautifully, thanks partly to the perfect weather and partly from my efforts to improve the soil around them.

In our area they are plentiful along the edges of all the woods, they produce seeds and propagate freely. I’m constantly pulling baby dogwood trees out of my flowerbeds. We have two very old dogwood trees and a handful of younger ones as well, all of them of the native wild variety. One of the oldest ones is in rough shape and may need taken down one of these days.

Dogwoods are such graceful trees. I love the way they look against the sky, the open airy feel, the curvy branches and the creamy white blooms. They are one of my favorite spring blooming trees!

What’s your favorite flowering tree?

Around the Neighborhood

April 21st, 2010

This time of year it seems like everything is bursting in bloom. It’s been quite warm here, warmer than usual. We’ve been having temperatures in the 80’s so all the blooming trees bloomed at the same time. We often take the Chiots on a walk in the evenings right at dusk and the trees in the neighborhood are particularly lovely. One evening I took my camera on one of our walks to get a few shots.

The flowering pear trees are particularly lovely, although I’d much prefer one that produced fruit!

The magnolias are quite lovely this. Often here in Ohio the buds get frozen off by a late spring freeze. This year we were lucky and now we’re enjoying the lovely magnolias.

The star magnolias are lovely little trees as well!

The forsythias are really lovely this year as well, sunny shrubs that are most lovely when left to their natural weeping habitat (in my mind).

Here are Chiot’s run some of our fruit trees are blooming as well. The apples trees (what’s left of them after the deer nibbled them all winter) are blooming beautifully.

The nectarine tree went through the winter unscathed by the deer and it looks like we might have a nice crop.

The dogwood are blooming as well, they’re native here and grow all over. These are probably my favorite spring blooming trees. All these flowering trees are great for the bees, they’ll be taking advantage and making us lots of honey with all the pollen and nectar!

What’s your favorite spring blooming tree?

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