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Mix Your Own Foaming Hand Wash

April 3rd, 2012

I LOVE foaming hand wash. It’s quicker to use and it uses so much less soap than using a straight liquid. My foaming soap dispensers were Method Brand dispensers. I like theirs, so I purchase them with soap, used up the soap and refill them with plain castile soap from Mt Rose Herbs. Here’s how I do it.

1/4 cup of plain castile soap (the ones with essential oils will clog your foaming dispenser)
1 cup water (I use filtered)

Pour soap into dispenser. Note the level on the bottle and make a mental note or draw a line with a permanent marker, then you won’t have to measure each time. Slowly add water, don’t add too fast or it will foam up. Replace cap and gently shake to mix soap and water.

It’s really that easy, I promise. I’ve tried a variety of soaps in my dispensers and most of them use the same general recipe. You could use dishwashing liquid in place of the castile soap. Personally, I like to find a product that I can use for all applications so I only have to keep one bottle around. Now I buy castile soap by the gallon from Mt Rose Herbs and I use it for everything. I no longer need to keep: dishwashing liquid, hand soap, bathroom cleaners, etc. Just one bottle instead of 4 or 5.

This is what I use for scrubbing up all of our dishes in the kitchen (and they all get washed by hand). In the bathrooms we now use a bar of soap which we get from a Lavemé Clean. Wendy traveled to Colombia in 2011 was moved by what she experienced. She knew she had to help and upon her return to the States she started making all natural soap (here’s her story). Wendy and her kids now make soap and send one bar of soap to Colombia for every bar she sells. The same soap you buy is the same soap that gets sent down to Colombia. My dad helps deliver these soaps to the slums of Colombia to help them maintain a clean standard of living and avoid disease.

Are you a bar soap, liquid soap, or foaming soap household?

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