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Sunny Forsythia

May 10th, 2016

Even though forsythia doesn’t produce nectar or pollen, I still enjoy seeing it’s sunny face in the garden during these early spring days. I’m sure it still provides habitat in some way, most likely in the thicket of stems and branches.
forsythia 1
forsythia 2
forsythia 3
I’ve been contemplating adding a long hedge of forsythia along our driveway. We need something like it and I could propagate the entire hedge for free from the one bush we have. My parents have a huge forsythia hedge and it’s amazing most years. Every 10 years or so they cut it back to the ground and it is a little stunned for a few years, but the 5-7 years after the trimming it’s always a showstopper!

Do you have a forsythia in your garden? What’s your favorite early blooming shrub?

Forcing Spring

February 4th, 2010

Earlier this week I cut a few forsythia branches and brought them in. I put them in an old canning jar filled with water and put them on the old dresser that serves as a sideboard in my dining room.

Forcing forsythia is actually quite easy. You need to wait till Feb so that they’ve fulfilled their chill time. Cut branches less than 3 feet long on a day that is above freezing. Place them in warm water and put them in a bright warm place. If they get sun they’ll open quicker than if they don’t. Change water occasionally to keep it fresh.

Next time I got to my mom’s I’m planning on cutting some pussy willows to force as well, and I’ll probably cut a few more forsythia for other places around the house. I can’t wait for the yellow sprays to brighten my dining room.

Do you ever force blooms or bulbs?

Ushering in Spring

April 6th, 2009

I don’t know what is considered the first sign of spring where you are, but here in Ohio it’s the sunny yellow blossoms of the forsythia bushes.
They are such lovely bushes with their cascades of yellow blossoms so early in the year. I love their weeping nature, I’ve always thought about getting a start and training it as a standard.
I got my forsythia from my mom, she has a huge hedge of them (50 feet long by 6-10 feet wide). They spread easily, so there’s really no point in buying plants if you know someone that already has one. I’m hoping to get a few more this summer to plant around our property, you just can’t beat this lovely plant when you need a tough hedge.

What’s the first sign of spring in your area?

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