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Bad Art Day: Batik

July 25th, 2017

A few friends and I started a Bad Art Club, we get together (hopefully once a month) and have a good time making art. We call it the bad art club so that no one is intimidated by feeling the need to make beautiful things. In reality, all art and creative pursuits are beautiful and the process is part of the joy and fun of it. On Sunday, we got together for our big day  of batik. It was long (10 hours of hard work), but it was so much fun.

What new creative pursuits have you been embarking on recently?

Friday Favorite: Yearly Traditions

September 28th, 2013

Almost 20 years ago I went away to college and met up with five lovely ladies. We instantly became friends, we were so close that we had a get together in the summer even when we were still in school.
Each year we meet, sometimes at one of our houses, sometimes we rent a cabin somewhere. It’s not every year that everyone can attend, some years there have only been three of us that have been able to make it. This year there will be five of us in attendance.
Weekend in Cincinnati 3
Even though I moved far away to Maine (the rest of the girls live in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky), I’ll be headed to Cincinnati today for this annual event. I’m really looking forward to spending time with these old friends of mine! We will have a great time laughing a lot, eating great food, and catching up.

What’s the longest lasting friendship you have?

18 Years and Counting

September 3rd, 2012

Way back in 1994 I was a college freshman in Cincinnati, OH. That fall, I met five other girls with whom I would form a close friendship. Little did we know that 18 years later we’d still be getting together yearly for a reunion. This past weekend was our 17th one. Throughout the years we’ve reunited in different places, rented cabins, at each other’s houses, until we settled on traveling back to the city where it all began.

One member of our group still lives in Cincinnati, thus we all stay at her place. The rest of us drive in from our respective locations in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Not all of us can make it for each gathering, but there are always at least four of us. We have celebrated weddings, rejoiced at births, comforted after divorce, and cried at a funeral throughout the years.

Even though we don’t talk much throughout the year, when we come together it’s like we were never apart. We laugh as we tell funny stories from the past and much time is spent filling each other in on what’s going on in our lives.

It is a weekend filled it lots of laughter, great food, and good company. This past weekend we went to the Findlay market, walked down the by the river, rented a quad surrey and went for a ride in the park. Of course, all the Cincinnati specialities like Graeter’s and Skyline Chili were checked off the list as well.

It’s really hard to believe that I’ve known these lovely ladies for 18 years, time really does fly. It seems like yesterday when we were eating key lime pie out of the pan in our hotel room of our first get together the summer of 1995 the summer between our freshman and sophomore years.

Do you have any friends that you reunite with on a regular basis?

Friday Favorite: Meeting You

August 31st, 2012

In this day in age it’s very common to know someone and yet to never have actually met them in person. Every now and then I get the opportunity to meet one of my blog readers and it’s always fun. Earlier this spring , Mr Chiots and I stayed with a blog reader in Maine. She said it was kind of funny to meet me in person because she knew so much about me having read my blog, but I knew nothing about her.

Yesterday evening I had the chance to meet another blog reader. Her and her husband came down to Chiot’s Run for dinner. I made homemade pasta and topped it with garden fresh veggies. She headed home with my cold frame and a few plants for her garden.

We enjoyed good food and lots of great conversation. In fact, it almost got dark while we were talking over empty plates and we almost missed the garden tour. A month or two ago, another reader stopped by for brunch when she happened to be in the area. I truly enjoy meeting and chatting with my blog readers in person, it’s certainly a pleasure to get a glimpse into your lives. If you’re ever in midcoast Maine, contact me. Swing by for coffee, a meal or even a night or two, we’d be happy to meet you in person!

Have you ever met an internet friend before?

The Beauty of Old Friendship

November 14th, 2011

This past weekend I traveled down to Cincinnati, OH to meet up with some college girlfriends. We met in 1994 during the fall of our freshman year of college and became fast friends right away. Our years in college were spent together creating lots of fun memories while building a foundation for a friendship that would last the rest of our lives. In 1998 we parted and went our separate ways. This photo was taken on graduation day, marking the end of the first phase of our friendship.

Although our lives have taken us each down a different road to a different city, we get together at least once a year. We have cried tears of joy when celebrating marriages and births, and tears of joy and grief through divorce and the death of a husband.

Although we all have made other friends throughout the years of our lives, there’s just something comforting about a friendship with a long rich history. We relish these moments when we can spend time together, even though it is all too brief. I’m very grateful for these girlfriends that have been in my life for 17 years. A warm thanks goes out to my friends: Danielle, Shannon, Kelly, Katie, and Jen for all the wonderful memories we’ve made so far and the all the ones we’ll make in the future.

Do you have any friendships that have withstood the test of time?

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