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Entryway Redo

October 9th, 2017

This past summer I had pots beside the front door filled with hyacinth beans and nasturtiums. There were other containers filled with tomatoes, herbs, peppers, and a few containers of begonias. They were getting a little long in the tooth, so I decided it was time for a bit of a redo.

Eventually, I want to do to a more permanent planting, something I can overwinter in the basement that I don’t have to purchase, seed, or pot up each year. I was thinking perhaps a few round boxwood, but then I remember that I had two ‘Endless Summer’ hydrangeas. These two moved with us from Ohio and have been floundering every since. They have been moved twice, but they simply do not enjoy the colder winters we get up here. Even though we are technically in the same zone we were in back in Ohio, the winters are completely different. The deer also have been munching on them, which doesn’t help them at all. On Saturday, I dug them up and potted them in two huge terra-cotta containers I recently scored for a great price.

Hydrangeas are great fall plants, the flowers turn purple and leave start to transition that way too. They should look fantastic for three seasons. I also harvested a few of my ‘Musque de Provence’ pumpkins to the mix and ended up with a nice autumnal display for this season. I’m looking forward to finally have beautiful mophead hydrangeas once again.

Do you change out any container garden plants for fall? What are your favorite ways to add fall flair to your entryway?

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