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A Dream Come True

January 8th, 2013

On Sunday afternoon, Mr Chiots had a dream come true. Many years ago, Mr Chiots discovered the sport of curling and fell in love. Ever since then, he’s been watching it on the internet, during the Olympics and talking about playing some day. Back in Ohio, the closest curling club was pretty far away. While we were researching our move to Maine he discovered the Belfast Curling Club (the only curling club in Maine).
Curling 1
Curling 11
Lucky for us, it’s only about 25 minutes away. We’ve been driving by it every week when we head in to town and kept saying that we need to check out their schedule so we can go watch. Mr Chiots checked their website last week and they were having “Learn to Curl” classes on Sunday. We called to sign up and grew ever more excited about the possibility.
Curling 13
Curling 14
Curling 15
It just so happened that there were two classes scheduled for Sunday. The first was one full, but they told us they might be able to squeeze us in. If not, they told us we’d be in the second class. Since we were recording our podcast, we ended up heading down just for the second class. It just so happened that no one else came to that class so it was just us. We got a private curling lesson then we were throw into a game with a few members. All-in-all, we curled for three hours on Sunday.
Curling 10
Curling 8
Curling 6
Curling 3
Mr Chiots is a natural at the sport. If we weren’t heading out of the country for a few weeks this spring, he’d be playing on a team this season. He is excited about the fall and will certainly be on a team! I’m not sure if I’ll be on a team quite yet, I need some time to think about it and hone my skills before jumping in that quickly. I’m quite happy that Mr Chiots fulfilled a dream this week!

Have you been able to fulfill any dreams recently?

A Night on the Town

December 15th, 2012

Mr Chiots and I don’t make it out often, we’re just not out on the town kind of people. We rarely go to movies or out to eat. About the only places we go are the bank, Post Office, local farms, and the farmers market. Yesterday however, was an exception.
night on the town 5
We left home early to hit the farmers market, then we were off to get our passport photos and run a few other errands. Our main goal was to watch The Hobbit at the old restored Colonial Theatre in downtown Belfast. Since we were out and about for so long, we grabbed some dinner at a local restaurant.
eating out
I certainly enjoyed a grilled bacon cheese sandwich, a cup of clam chowder and some sweet potato fries. Mr Chiots went all out with fish and chips. Of course I had my trusty Real Salt in my purse as I always do!
real salt on table
We also spent some time walking around the downtown area, picked up a holiday puzzle at the game shop, looked at tons of yarn in the yarn shop and dreamed about future sewing projects at the fabric store.
tava stone ground chocolate
night on the town 6
Then we were off to the movies. No popcorn and soda for me, I stowed a bar of good chocolate in my purse which we enjoyed during the show. We had a great time. That’s one of the good things about not getting out much, when you do it’s really a treat.

What’s your idea of a nice “night out”?

Something Fun

July 22nd, 2008

While at a meeting in Cleveland on Sunday Mr Chiots and I spotted our first Smart Car out and about (we first saw them at the Cleveland Auto Show this winter). Always brings a smile to your face when you spot something like this!

I wonder how many bags of compost will fit in it?

The Good Life

June 16th, 2008

Mr Chiots and I are big fans of watching TV shows on DVD (no commercials!). We just finished up Good Neighbors, a British sitcom from the 70’s. If you’ve never seen it I’d suggest getting it from the library and having a good laugh. I’ll warn you, the first episode or two are a little rough, keep watching, you’ll be glad you did!

Here’s a funny clip from the show.

Reading & Watching

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