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It’s Puzzling

January 9th, 2013

Mr Chiots and I love working on puzzles. Perhaps I should say that I love puzzles and Mr Chiots helps out. Usually I clear off the table and put out a puzzle at Christmas, this year we had guests so we waited until last Saturday.
Maine Puzzle 1 (1)
Maine Puzzle 2 (1)
This year, I found a nice puzzle at our local game store, it’s the White Mountain Puzzles Best of Maine. When it comes to puzzles, I find it’s rather difficult to find ones that aren’t cheesy or strange. I’m not sure why puzzles are like that. I have a few in my collection that we redo over and over again. Monet’s Waterlillies is one of my favorites. Last year I got the 2000 piece Springbok seed packet puzzle that was HUGE and loads of fun, I can’t wait to do this one again in a few years.
springbok packets of promise puzzle
The Ravensburger Road Trip USA 1000 Piece Puzzle is also on of my favorites that we’ve completed a few different times. There are also a few others on my list of puzzles to add to our collection. While I love redoing puzzles we’ve done in the past, it’s still fun to get a new one every now and then!
Maine Puzzle 2
Maine Puzzle 4
There’s nothing better than having a puzzle spread out on the table to put a few pieces in when you walk by. It’s always a lovely way to spend an evening with your loved ones. Puzzles can be a great way to entertain yourselves while still allowing for good conversation! Mr Chiots and I really enjoy spending winter evenings working on them.

What’s your favorite way to spend an evening with family?

It’s Puzzle Time

December 22nd, 2011

I talked about my love of puzzles before. Around Christmas each year I clear off the table and do a few puzzles. I have a few in my collection that I put together over and over again, but every year or two I buy a new one. When I was in Cincinnati in early November I picked up a new Ravensberger ‘Road Trip USA’ for this week. It was a fairly easy puzzle, we opened it up Tuesday night and finished it the next morning. It’s a fun one though, I love the theme!

Since the puzzle was so easy I decided to buy a 2000 piece puzzle! A few of you guys recommended Springbok puzzles, so I purchased their“Packets of Promise” puzzle, it’s perfectly fitting since it’s a bunch of seed packets. It’s supposed to arrive on Friday so we’ll be able to work on it over the Christmas weekend!

I find puzzles to be a great stress reliever during this busy holiday season. There’s nothing like finding a piece or two throughout the day as I’m going from one task to another.

When you find two pieces already stuck together in the box do you keep them together as a bonus or take them apart before starting the puzzle?

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