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Friday Favorite: Sprucing Up

October 4th, 2013

Back in Ohio, we had pretty much redone everything in our house to make it just like we wanted.  Moving to Maine meant we were starting at the beginning once again.  We haven’t really done any sprucing up besides cleaning until last week.
working into the night
Our garage/barn is desperately in need of a coat of paint.  It probably could wait a few years, but by that point the siding would have needed ripped off and redone.  Eventually, it will be sided in cedar shakes or something else.  We didn’t want to do that in a year or two, so we decided to paint the garage to keep the siding viable for another 10 years or so.  We had the same issue with our garage in Ohio and the paint was still going strong after 11 years with no sign of new siding being needed.
Painting 1
We finally settled on black as our color of choice, the red barn color just isn’t my thing. Black barns with white trim were fairly common back in Ohio.
Painting 2
Mr Chiots washed the garage well and we got started. It’s tedious work, painting the grooves in the siding with a paint brush, we’ll use a roller on the main walls. The garage is two stories high at the peak, so we’ll probably rent a little lift for the weekend to reach those spots safely.
Painting 3
Painting 4
It’s not necessarily the job we would have chosen as our first project, but it needed to be done. Hopefully next we can paint a few walls inside the house, though after painting this we might not want to paint for a while.

Any big home improvement projects going on at your place?

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