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Garden Harvest Spreadsheet

February 23rd, 2009

I finally finished my garden harvest spreadsheet template, so I’m ready for the Garden Harvest Challenge. Many of you expressed interest in the file, so I am adding it to my blog for you to download. I saved them as templates to make it easy
I have a Numbers file for Mac users and an Excel file for you poor Windows users. The Numbers file is much prettier of course, but they both work wonderfully. The Excel file has 3 tabs, one for the input table, one for the total harvest table, and one for the bar graph (I’m not as familiar with Excel as I used to be so it probably could be better, feel free to make any changes to improve it). The Numbers file has all of the tables & graphs on the same sheet. When you enter your total harvest in the first table it will update the amount in the second table and include the totals on the bar graph. You do have to manually change the crop titles on both tables, but that’s easy. If anyone has any great additions to the file let me know (particularly the Excel file).

So fellow Freedom Gardeners, let’s see how much of a dent we can put in the million pound goal!

Garden Harvest Spreadsheet – Excel
Garden Harvest Spreadsheet – Numbers

I have to admit this is a far cry from the file I used last year. I just kept track of my tomato harvest by type last year, which I may do again this year in a separate garden harvest file. I’ll keep you up to date every month with my harvest tally, I can’t wait to see how well all of you do this year with your freedom gardens.

How are you keeping track of your harvests?

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