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Garden Touring

August 2nd, 2018

In our area, there are lots of garden tours. Most of them benefit local land conservation and take place all on one day. My local garden club does a weekly garden tour, where one garden is open each Friday. Since I am in town running errands, I try to stop every week. I always have grand plans of sharing all these lovely gardens with your, but sometimes I get bogged down with work and gardening. Over the coming weeks, I’ll try to get through the backlog of photos and show you some of the lovely gardens I’ve been able to visit this summer. We will kick off with the most recent one I visited, the Belfast EcoVillage.

According to the garden club website “The EcoVillage is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and welcomes the larger community to see what’s now growing on the 40-acre site, formerly part of the Keene Dairy Farm. Resident Marion Brown will have her gardens on display, including a colorful island of evergreen shrubs and ninebark complemented by perennials such as lavender, echinachea and coral bells. With 36 households clustered in the energy-efficient duplexes, Brown says, there’s a wide range of gardening styles that will be interesting for visitors to see.”

It was interesting to walk around the grounds and see the variety of gardens on site. I quite liked the large vegetable garden. It’s always a pleasure to visit the gardens of others to get ideas and inspiration for your own garden. Tomorrow I’ll be touring another garden, trying to find ideas that will work in my own.

Belfast Garden Tour Garden

August 15th, 2017

Luckily, I’ve been able to make most of the garden tours on the local garden club tour this summer. Our club has one open garden every Friday. On the 4th of August, three gardens were on the tour; they were the homes of neighbors. This is one of the gardens on the tour, most of the garden was in the back yard.

From the look of the front foundation garden, you wouldn’t imagine what was behind the fence in the back yard. You were greeted by a lovely dappled willow right inside the gate and pathways leading to the small back deck with lounge chairs and a small lawn.

This beautiful large leaved tree was growing beside the deck, I’m not sure what it is, but I’m definitely going to look it up. Belfast is on the coast, and thus enjoys a little more warmth than we do because of the ocean.

The back yard was a sloping garden, with steps and terracing to make the most of the space. There were rock steps, lots of evergreen plants and a big stand of heather.

This garden was small but mighty, the majority of the space was taken up with gardens. It’s always lovely to see what people do with the challenges in their spaces. The terracing of this garden gave me inspiration for some sloping garden areas I have behind the house.

Have you visited any interesting gardens lately?

Belfast Garden Club Tour Garden #2

June 29th, 2017

My local garden club (which I should join but have a hard time getting to their Tuesday afternoon meetings), puts on garden tours every Friday during the summer. I really love this schedule. Since I got to town to hit the farmers market, the grocery store, and run other errands, I’m always in town on Fridays. In the summer I add garden tour to my list of places to go. Garden number two was in town, which was nice. Whenever I visit a garden like this I think to myself “wow, this is really small” and it’s not really. It’s almost a double lot garden. But since my current property is so vast and the mowed/garden areas are so huge, I’m always think they’re small.

One of the first things I noticed when stepping into this garden was the turf underneath my feet. Good turf is a beautiful thing, both in look and in texture underfoot. We hear a lot about lawns and the horrors of them, but a nice small square of good turf is truly a wonderful addition to the garden. I’ve been wanting to add a small piece of good quality grass somewhere in my garden.

The perennial borders were filled with lovely perennial: roses, euphorbia, campanula, ligularia, clematis, peonies, and hostas, along with shrubs and small trees. The kousa dogwood in the middle of the back lawn was superb!

The hostas, ferns, and goats beard under the mature trees was peaceful and calming.

One of my favorite things was the clematis vine on the side of the barn blooming its heart out, there really isn’t a better climber for a garden in my mind. Check back for upcoming gardens on the tour (and maybe some from last year because I don’t know if I shared many of those with you).

Do you have local garden tours in your area? 

GRLT Garden Tour #6

July 24th, 2015

When I read the words “privet hedge surrounding the garden” in the brochure I knew this was going to be my favorite garden on the tour! I decided to save the best garden for last since it would be perfect for my Friday Favorite.
GRLT Garden Tour 6 1
The entrance to the garden is a beautiful perennial bed with a short rock wall in it. When you come through the arch you are instantly amazed by the beautiful garden that unfolds before you. There are vegetable, flowers, grass pathways, hedges, a small greenhouse, big shade trees, and so much more.
GRLT Garden Tour 6 2
GRLT Garden Tour 6 3
GRLT Garden Tour 6 5
GRLT Garden Tour 6 4
GRLT Garden Tour 6 9
GRLT Garden Tour 6 6
GRLT Garden Tour 6 11
GRLT Garden Tour 6 7
GRLT Garden Tour 6 8
GRLT Garden Tour 6 10
GRLT Garden Tour 6 16
GRLT Garden Tour 6 12
GRLT Garden Tour 6 13
GRLT Garden Tour 6 14
GRLT Garden Tour 6 15
GRLT Garden Tour 6 17
GRLT Garden Tour 6 18
My favorite part about this garden is everything, a great inspiration for the main garden in the back. I’ve been making plans an this garden is pretty close to what I want to accomplish.

What’s your favorite part of this garden?

GRLT Garden Tour #5

July 23rd, 2015

We’re on to the next garden in the George River Land Trust garden tour series. The photos don’t really do this garden justice, it’s so hard to fully capture a garden like this one. It was built in a ravine behind the gardener’s house. She had to clear out the overgrown mess that was there and found a lovely little stream when she did. This was the result.
GRLT Garden Tour 5 9
GRLT Garden Tour 5 1
GRLT Garden Tour 5 2
GRLT Garden Tour 5 3
GRLT Garden Tour 5 4
GRLT Garden Tour 5 5
GRLT Garden Tour 5 7
GRLT Garden Tour 5 6
GRLT Garden Tour 5 8
GRLT Garden Tour 5 10
The sheer number of plants in this garden was amazing, simply amazing. The best part is that she says it’s low maintenance because she mulches everything well and the plants are all so close together.

What do you like best about this garden?

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