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I Need New Gardening Shoes!

March 23rd, 2010

I’ve been saying that I need new gardening shoes for a few years, and yet I’m still wearing these old ones. I have a hard time replacing something until it’s completely unusable (remember those jeans, I’m still wearing them and they’re much worse now). You see my shoes still have some tread, although I slip often if the grass is wet, and they still can be worn, although not without pain. (I must add that I bought these shoes for $9 eight years ago)

But I must break down and buy a new pair, my feet ache after wearing them. In the warm summer months I often wear sandals, but if I’m mowing, if it’s wet, if I’m doing something to get really dirty, I need a pair of real shoes. I’ve been looking around trying to decide what kind of gardening shoe would be good, I was considering something like this. I have a few things that are a must for me:
1. they need to be slip on/off, I am often running inside when I’m gardening and I like the slip on/off shoes since we don’t wear shoes indoors.
2. the uppers must be made of natural materials, no plastic shoes, can’t stand them!

I thought I’d throw it out to all my readers, see if I can find the perfect gardening shoe. What’s your gardening shoe of choice?

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