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Bloom Where You’re Planted (or wherever)

June 7th, 2012

Last summer when Mr Chiots and I were at a wedding, I spotted these lovely teeny tiny daisies blooming in the lawn. Some of them had gone to seed, so I picked a few seeds to try to sprout. When I got home, I planted them in a seed flat, but by fall nothing had germinated. I emptied the flat of soil onto the back hillside when I planted all those tulips.

Wouldn’t you know it, a month ago I spotted this one tiny little daisy blooming on the back hillside among the browning tulip foliage. It’s so sweet and so tiny.

Perhaps the seeds need to go through a cold spell before germinating, or maybe they just like dry sandy conditions. Isn’t that how gardening is, sometimes plants have a mind of their own, or we just don’t know what they really need.

Have you tried to start something from seed with no success and then had the plants start themselves when in the right spot?

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