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Planting Winter Herbs

August 28th, 2014

I love fresh Italian parsley and like to have it around all year if possible.  That means I grow it in the garden throughout the spring/summer/fall and in containers in the house during the winter.  Parsley seeds are notorious for taking a LONG time to germinate and get going.  After a few years of starting seed in October and have them reach maturity too many months later, I decided to start them in late summer.
winter herbs
A few days ago I started a container of Italian parsley and one of seasoning celery. In a month I’ll start a few containers of cilantro, which is another herb I like to have fresh all year long if possible. I have found that all these herbs do well in containers in a sunny windowsill. I can certainly save a lot of money growing a few containers of herbs in the winter, fresh organic herbs can cost $3-$4 a bunch. These augment my other potted perennial herbs that live outside in the summer and inside during the winter. I have a few different varieties of thyme and a bay laurel tree as well. Hopefully these containers will be lush enough to harvest when the snow starts to fly outside.

Do you grow any potted herbs indoors during the off season?

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