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Starting Lettuce

February 19th, 2015

Usually I have a few planters of lettuce and greens going in the winter, this year I never got around to starting them. The day before yesterday I finally got a few seeds into a planter. I love this mix from Renee’s Garden, it produces very nicely in my long narrow planter boxes. They lettuce does very well now that the days are getting longer and we’re getting almost 12 hours of light.
Renees garden lettuce
I’ve always grown a small amount of greens during the winter. It’s worth the fun in my book, even if there isn’t that much of a harvest.
lettuce 2
lettuce in pot
In a month and a half or so I should be eating delicious homegrown lettuce. While I long to have a greenhouse for winter growing, until I do I’ll be grown herbs and greens in planter boxes tucked in front of every south facing window we have. Here’s to homegrown lettuce while there’s still snow on the ground!

Do you have any edibles growing on your windowsills?

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